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  1. Hi all, i recently was given a lovely skein of Manos Silk Blend, and want to knit something special with it If anyone can recommend any patterns for me it would be greatly appreciated! the yarn is a lovely multi coloured dyed skein so a pattern for something funky would be great also i only have 1 skein of it so a small project would be best any ideas? Preferably knitted as i cant crotchet to save my life! also preferably no cabling as im not that advanced in knitting yet thanks
  2. Lezzz

    knitting club milton keynes?

    oooo sounds good i may come on the 12th!
  3. Following on from a previous thread about knitting groups in milton keynes, we are now setting up a new group in the stony stratford/wolverton/beachampton area. We plan to meet on Saturday mornings, so ideal for people with work commitments. Knitters of all abilities welcome. If anyone is interested please send me a pm or email l_burrell@hotmail.co.uk for more info. thanks
  4. Lezzz

    knitting club milton keynes?

    Hi sure i would be interested in meeting, ive never been to a knitting club either one of my friends goes to one where she lives and told me loads of stuff about her knitting club that sounds great. im not sure how to start either but maybe we could put our heads together and come up with something I will email you now
  5. Lezzz

    knitting club milton keynes?

    hi there unfortunately i didnt have any success finding a group, they all seem to be weekday afternoons, or too early and too far away for me to get to after work, for example 5-7 in MK centre, when i finish work at 5:30ish in the stony stratford area i am still keeping an eye out but so far no joy
  6. Lezzz

    knitting club milton keynes?

    thanks for your help! i will get in contact anyway
  7. Hi i am new to the website and looking for a knitting group in the milton keynes area, particularly west milton keynes i.e wolverton / stony stratford area i found a club in stony stratford but it is during the day. I work mon to fri long hours, so evenings or weekends is best. Im fairly new to knitting, and love making random things in crazy colours (they do turn out looking a bit special) and am new to the MK area so would love to meet some local people nearby nd get together and knit and chat if anyone knows of a club nearby please let me know