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  1. princessdiva

    Bathroom Tuesday

    glad everything is ok.. Did you want to know the sex of the baby? Both ours were a "surprise" it amazes the amount of people who can't wait to find out... We kept names a secret too...
  2. princessdiva

    Bathroom Tuesday

    Morning all.. Foggy here too. I think I might have the sickness bug from the kids - not feeling too hot.. Although I have managed a wash and cleaned the downstairs loo!! Dana it's lovely when you get a new bathroom.. All sparkly.... Everyone sounds very busy I hope you enjoy your days Xxx
  3. princessdiva

    Sunnyish Thursday

    morning everyone.. My little man is feeling better.. He is eating like a horse. Poor boy has had nothing to eat for 2 days due to his sickness bug... I had to wash my duvet cover twice as Maty's lovely present didn't come out the first time.. Yuk.. Sorry TMI.. I've also managed a bit of HW after 2 days of cuddles only... Maty is having a nap now so will sit down with a CUPPA and knitting.. TTFN X
  4. I did knit some friends children hats and scarves and they didn't like them / appreciate the gift!! (Never wore them - perhaps it was my bad knitting!!!) I think people who don't knit do not really appreciate the time, cost and thought that goes into knitting gifts so have decided not to knit for anyone else. I do knit hats, scarves and gloves for the kids and me.. Also this year my daughters school are doing the shoe box gift scheme and have asked for contributions of hats, scarves and mitts so will knit some for this..
  5. princessdiva

    Wednesday already?

    hello everyone.. Sorry I've been absent for a while.. Sounds like it was a day for HW - I need to do some - but I have a poorly boy who just wanted cuddles and love so who was I to refuse! Mia is doing well at school and enjoying it.. I'm even learning the phonetic alphabet!!! Working on a some socks and a skinny scarf... Although school have asked for contributions to the Christmas shoe box appeal including hats, scarves gloves etc so might use up some stash doing that.. Doesn't matter what size either. Suzy I love a good clear out.. I'm ruthless... My husband is the hoarder but as long as his mess is contained tidily (or in a cupboard out of my sight I don't mind!) Xx
  6. princessdiva

    Sunny Saturday

    morning Susie/Goose A new website ooh how exciting.. What is it going to be about? Busy morning for me already... Washing, Ironing, shopping, cleaning.. 5 min sit down..(not relaxing with 2 kids running wild).. Hopefully we can take the kids out after Maty's nap to run off some energy..... Going to try casting on for some socks later... Just need to make 2 balls from one so I can do 2AAT.. It's the only way I can assure both socks are the same!! Ha.. Xxx
  7. princessdiva

    Top up Friday

    The walking is not by choice!! Ha ha Tracey sounds like my house!!
  8. princessdiva

    Top up Friday

    Afternoon all.. Tracey my bathrooms been cleaned too this morning... Still lots to do but I like to sit down and knit / relax / catch up on iplayer when his napping. Will need to wake him up soon so we can have a bit of playing before we get Mia from school.. Just made Maty a ribbed scarf to go with his hat.. using up my stash. Still working on my other lace scarf.. but hoping to make myself a snuggly hat from some more Easy knits yarn... I love that stuff.. So glad its Friday... My 20 mile walk for this week is done.. yippee (4 miles to school and back twice a day 5 days a week) it better get me toned thighs!! catch you all later xxx
  9. princessdiva

    Party Thursday

    Wow Dana I thought it was you that was partying at first!!! Susie there was a discussion on Radio 2 about Aldi the other day.. How lots of people shop there but are too embarrassed to say and transfer their shopping to Waitross bags!! I don't think I've ever been to one... I'm an Adsa girl myself.. Goose I wish all my HW was all done.. It's never ending here.. I have a health visitor coming this afternoon to welcome us to the area.. It's going to be interesting to see them decipher Maty's health book because its in French.. Eek I might have to do a bit of translating... Off to do the shopping list and make sure I only buy lots of food allowed on my new eating plan!!! Laters xxx
  10. princessdiva

    Wednesday's child is full of woe

    Afternoon all... Well I've joined slimming world this morning.. (They have a meeting 5 mins from my house) so slimming world purely for logistical reasons... Want / need to lose about 1 stone and hoping joining a class will keep me on track and stop me snacking and eating the kids left overs... So just trying to get my head around the plan... Susie in answer to your question yesterday about Mia's speech.. I'm hoping that her delay is due to her initial schooling in France and the teachers think so too although they do say she has very little concentration and quite often is in her own little day dream world!!! Eek to ironing.. I only have mine and the kids to do.. hubby does his own but now outsources his shirts.. £1 a shirt I think is worth it especially when he has 46!! Yes I know this because I counted them when I unpacked them!! Enjoy your day folks.. I've got a meeting at school this afternoon to discuss reading tips for kids... Xxx
  11. princessdiva

    Tuesday Shmoozday!

    Afternoon everyone.. I need to catch up on past threads.. Hugs to everyone who needs them... Mia passed her hearing test.. I didn't think she had a problem with her hearing but her teacher wanted me to get it checked out.. She has under developed speech and teacher wanted to rule out any hearing problems... Had a mad cleaning morning... Still need to do bathrooms and kitchen but have run out of puff... Maybe tomorrow... Laters xxx
  12. princessdiva

    Slumbering Saturday

    Morning both.. I was up at 5.00 am too.. Maty woke up and I couldn't find his dummy so we got up!! Eek... We are going to have a restful day.. Hubby has taken Mia shopping for Wellies (I left hers at nanny and Poppy's back in the summer) and slippers.. Maty is full of cold and miserable... I want to have a nap... Not much on the knitting front.. Still making another scarf but trying to find a pattern for a hat... I hope everyone gets some rest...xx
  13. princessdiva

    Torrential Tuesday

    oh dear with the rain.. we had lots of it yesterday and got wet going to and from school but today we have blue skies ... I've hung a load of washing out hoping the wind will dry it... Have a poorly boy today.. he has a cold and is very miserable - especially when he doesn't get his own way... I've just upset him changing his nappy - oh dear!! Roll on nap time - hopefully he will be more cheerful after... Enjoy your knitting time and stay save with the rain... xxx
  14. Goose I didn't know who mine was from... But thank you to whoever sent it... Xx
  15. princessdiva

    It';s wet and windy today

    Morning everyone... K&F glad to see you have your priorities sorted and checking out Let's knit while trying to pack.. Glad you like the yarn.. Easyknits does some lovely yarn... Started raining here too although Mia to school first so only Maty and I got wet... Yuck... Who is loving Downton Abbey... Me me me... Shall we start a "free Bates" campaign? although I'm wondering if he actually did it!!! That's my theory.. Anyway not much planned for today.. Will try and do some knitting later while Maty is napping.. Anyone heard from Buzy lately? Xx