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  1. abbiesouthern


    Hello all, We have a new member of staff at LK, please send a warm knitting welcome to Naida.Ally who is our new Editorial Assistant. WELCOME! Abbie
  2. abbiesouthern

    Jade Hat from LK issue 57...

    Hi Susie, I have measured the tension and you are correct it should be 22 rows, the top of the hat measures 13-14cm. I will put the tension correction up on our website Thanks Abbie
  3. abbiesouthern

    Bluebell Jumper - Issue 54

    Hi Loubel, This is correct - the armhole is shaping is lower down as the 'girth' of the arm is less in the smaller sizes so the armhole shaping starts further up. Hope this helps Abbie
  4. Here at LK we love KALs, group projects and our forum challenges. This month sees the start of the Ravelry games where knitters will be casting on a project after the opening ceremony, casting off before the closing and will be competing in lots of fun categories. The question of the month is, do you like knitting challenges? We'd love to hear from you!
  5. abbiesouthern

    A sad goodbye

    I'll be training in London so you are safe Claire!
  6. abbiesouthern

    A sad goodbye

    You guys are giving me some good ideas!
  7. abbiesouthern

    A sad goodbye

    Thanks guys, I'm actually off to train as a midwife but taking a long holiday before I start at the end of August
  8. abbiesouthern

    A sad goodbye

    Hello all, I am off to pastures new on the 24th July and I just wanted to let you all know before I jet off. I have many happy memories here at HQ and have really enjoyed getting to know all you friendly forum members! I'll be about til then but thought I'd let you know before I disappear Thanks for making me so welcome Abbie
  9. abbiesouthern

    Let's Knit - LACE CHALLENGE

    Our July issue was jam packed with stunning lace projects and we have all been inspired here at HQ. Adrienne has even cast on the super impressive Sorbet shawl! To celebrate, we are running a special lace challenge - CLOSING 2ND AUGUST Post a pic of one of your lace projects and we will pick our favourite and send the winner and two runners-up some lace-tastic goodies GET KNITTING! Abbie
  10. abbiesouthern

    What I love about my LK knitting club....

    No, anyone can register
  11. Hello all, I'm looking for some quotes to put in the magazine about your Let's Knit local club answer the question above with your details and details of your group to get featured! Thanks Abbie
  12. abbiesouthern

    LK Mixed Media Challenge - deadline 12th June

    Hello, I have announced the winner in the Hall of Fame! Abbie
  13. abbiesouthern

    LK Multi-media challenge

    Hello, Thanks so much to the talented knitters who entered out most recent competition. I really enjoyed seeing all our handiwork - It's so nice to see all your efforts! The lucky winner is Su2ie! Congrats! Whizz me a pm with your details and I'll send you out a prize Abbie
  14. abbiesouthern

    Let's Knit - club of the month

    Hello all, I'm looking for a few knitting clubs to be our club of the month. It's great promotion for your group and you get to see your faces in print. Just answer the following questions and email me (abbie.southern@aceville.co.uk) with the answers and a snap of the group. Each question needs roughly 50-100 words and feel free to contact me with any queries. About us...When did you start? How many people attend? What skill levels are there? The best thing about knitting together is...... On the needles right now..... What projects do the group have on the go at the moment? Our club motto is... or another funny fact Thanks so much for your help Abbie
  15. Hello all, Hope you have all enjoyed the jubilee! The question of the month this month is: What is your fail-safe yarn? Do you have a yarn that is perfect for every project? Do you have a LYS favourite? I love Manos Silk Blend and I know Adrienne is a particular of King Cole Merino DK Let us know what you think