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  1. I want to share my recent project - Cute end of year fifts for teachers. They are pretty easy to make and look beautiful. They make nice small gifts for teachers or fabulous party favors. If interested, here is a step by step tutorial http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb70/index.htm
  2. I would like to share my Christmas tree centerpiece with chocolate coins. It is easy to make. It takes about an hour or less. If you want to make something like this, here is a full tutorial - http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb64/index.htm
  3. Veta

    Homemade Autumn Wreath

    I would like to share my autumn wreath project. It took about an hour to complete. It was fun and easy. If interested, here is a full tutorial http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb63/index.htm
  4. I would like to share my Creeptastic candy bouquet project. It is great as a Halloween decoration or a fun gift. If interested, here is a full tutorial - http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb62/index.htm
  5. Check out this fun Chocolate Car gift idea - http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb58/index.htm
  6. I would like to share a fun and colorful Hershey kiss bouquet tutorial http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb49/index.htm
  7. I would like to share my Easter Candy Centerpiece. It's great for kids as tulips are made out of chocolate eggs. Here is a full tutorial if you want to make a bouquet like this - http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb27/index.htm
  8. Veta

    DIY Valentine Gift

    I would like to share my last project. It's for my friends for this Valentine's Day. It was easy and fun to make, it took about 1 hour. I posted tutorial here http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb56/index.htm, if you are interested.
  9. Veta

    Sweetie sleighs

    So cute, love them!
  10. Veta

    Cross-stitch, anyone?

    Beautiful, but I don't have enough patience:). My mom loves doing this.
  11. Veta

    valetine's Day Cards

    They are very cute:)
  12. If you like easy to make Christmas gifts like me, you can try to make this holiday centerpiece. It takes less than an hour and looks very festive. (if interested, you can see a photo tutorial at http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb55/index.htm)
  13. Veta

    Fall Centerpiece

    Fall Decoration ideas - Centerpiece with candy and paper flowers. Full tutorial at http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb52/index.htm
  14. This is my Halloween table decoration this year. It's easy, fun and cute. It took me about 45 minutes. If you want to make it, I posted a tutorial at http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb51/index.htm
  15. Here is an easy and cheap gift idea - DIY Candy wreath. You will need a wire coat hanger (you can buy it at a thrift store), some hard candy, curling ribbon of various colors, and some free time on your hands:). Bend the hanger into a circle and attach candy pieces to it using curling ribbon. Full tutorial for this particular wreath can be found at http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb19/index.htm