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  1. fingerless

    Lace cardigan HELP

    Hi, when I add the stitches in the chart they add to 111 so the pattern should work OK. I am assuming that O means yfwd and \ k2tog. If the pattern is from a LK magazine, let me know and I will have a look if I still have the right issue.
  2. fingerless

    Baby Shawl

    This is lovely. How long did it take you?
  3. fingerless


    You have every right to feel bubbly. You're an example to us all!
  4. fingerless

    Granny Squares

    Hi, you could try http://blog.deramores.com/category/how-to-crochet/ There is a very clear section on joining Granny squares by Mary Beth Temple.
  5. fingerless

    Help I'm in stitches

    Yes, I think you are right about missing instructions in last row. Have you tried contacting Bergere de France to see if they have any amendments?
  6. fingerless

    Pattern Query

    Hi I hope the following helps:- 7th Row P12, turn 8th Row Sl1 K11 9th Row P15, turn 10th Row Sl1 K14 Best of luck
  7. fingerless

    Hot Water bottle cover pattern

    You could try contacting the designer but I would just add 3 rows stocking stitch at the neck.
  8. fingerless

    Dolman sweater from knitting vintage

    Each time you turn you need to leave an additional 9 sts so that you will end up with 19 sts in the middle and 66 on each side. Hope this makes sense. Good luck with the rest of the jumper.
  9. fingerless

    Jumper using Susie Johns' Owl stitch

    I love the yarn. I'm a great fan of variegated yarns, particularly for socks.
  10. fingerless

    Drawing my own pattern

    You could use a spreadsheet if you are ok with Excel or similar. You could then create your own version of graph paper for various yarns and tensions.
  11. fingerless

    Could anyone please help me with this pattern?

    Hello, I think it means ;- Row 1: Cast off 13st and knit until you have 16 sts (for large size) on RH needle, turn Row 2; Cast off 4 sts and knit to end (these are for neck shaping not shoulder shaping) Row 3: Cast off remaining 12 sts. Rejoin to remaining sts and cast off 50 sts and knit to end. The cast off will then be from the armhole edge starting on a wrong side row with cast off 13 and knit to end. Row 2; cast off 4sts and knit to end Row 3; cast off remaining 12. Hope this helps. good luck.
  12. fingerless

    HELP -- Please - Pattern Search

    Very pleased to hear you have found the exact pattern you were looking for. Sorry I couldn't help. I have a large collection of all sorts of patterns which I am slowly making available to the wider audience in aid of a well known charity. I would be happy to check if anyone is looking for a specific one, as long as the number is known. Happy knitting.
  13. fingerless

    Newbie Alert! Please help!

    Hi, it means 17th row and then 27th and so on until you have 43 sts. Good luck with the rest of the matinee coat.
  14. fingerless


    Hello, This is a free pattern on the website, I think from Lets Get crafting but I don't have the magazine, Might be Jan 2013. Hope this helps!
  15. fingerless

    SIze of Crochet needles

    Thank you.