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  1. cherryobsidia

    Thankyou Secret Santa!

    It wasn't wrapped...I only opened the envelope!!! It was in an organza bag... Sorry.0
  2. cherryobsidia

    Thankyou Secret Santa!

    For my lovely aqua glass lariat necklace! Dee x
  3. cherryobsidia

    November jewellery swap (Now Closed)

    Hi, did mine arrive? Hope so, took ages to make! Dee x
  4. cherryobsidia

    Make Jewellery issue 31 challenge winner!

    Well done - enjoy your goodies when they arrive... Dee x
  5. cherryobsidia

    Re-introduce myself!

    Thanks everyone...Louise and Maggie, I know you both very well (Maggie, I used to be metaltedgrrl once upon a time), and what a lovely welcome back! Dee x
  6. cherryobsidia

    Hello, thought I'd introduce myself

    Hi...not sure whether to introduce myself as a new oldie or an old newbie?! But I've been a forum member on and off for over six years now - including one account at over three thousand posts and two new ones!!! Nice to meet you...x
  7. cherryobsidia

    RAK thanks - October jewellery swap

    Glad you're happy with them Maggie, thanks for your patience! Dee x
  8. cherryobsidia


    I have loved seeing all your pets. Mine is a three year old rescue cat, her breed is Devon Rex and she's kind of unusual, but she is the boss of the house and we all love her to bits. Her name is Mercedes, which wasn't our choice, but it does rather suit her! Dee x
  9. cherryobsidia

    Re-introduce myself!

    Hi I've been away for ages and ages, so I thought I'd drop in here to say hello again to old friends and hello to new ones! Brief intro: I'm a 37 year old mum of three, and am a jewellery designer and lampwork bead maker. I write for a jewellery magazine on a fairly regular basis, and have recently finished my degree with Open Uni. I work as a teaching assistant in a special needs secondary school for boys with social, emotional and behavioural disorders, but today I am home cos I have a horrid cold/lurgy! I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things... Dee x
  10. cherryobsidia

    A few from me...

    Thanks both. I do sell Kath, I have a facebook page, the link is in my signature. Dee x
  11. cherryobsidia

    A few from me...

    Thought I'd share some of my favourite makes over the past week! Dee x
  12. cherryobsidia

    green in the garden bracelet

    Very pretty... Dee x
  13. cherryobsidia

    Broken finger FIXED! Back at the flame...

    Thanks everyone... Dee x
  14. cherryobsidia

    Finger still broken, still beading!

    Thanks MT! Dee x
  15. cherryobsidia

    Beading with a Broken Finger

    Lol MT...and fanks! Have been even more inventive these past two days, made a rather impressive haul. I just need to wait for my camera to charge to take photos! Dee x