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    All things equestrian, Reiki, Crystals, making jewellery for fun, reading
  1. Cat Woman


    Dreary Sunday weather wise but just about to start some beading which always puts a smile on my face
  2. Cat Woman

    Posting photos

    I'm a bit of a numpty when it comes to computers but have now worked out how to add a photo to a post but they appear the wrong way round even though they are the right way round on my laptop. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Cat Woman

    The New Word Association Thread

  4. Cat Woman

    The Food Game

  5. Cat Woman

    Fairy pics

    Someone I know locally makes fairy doors, I've got one in the garden. For some reason looks like photo is going to be posted wrong way round again. Must be something I'm doing?
  6. Cat Woman

    Twizzle Wire

    This was my recent Twizzle wire creation. Think photo maybe be wrong way round for some reason?
  7. Cat Woman

    Two words game

    Club biscuit
  8. Cat Woman

    Craft Fairs

    Can anyone point me to a website that shows where Craft Fairs/Bead Fairs are being held this year? Thanks
  9. Cat Woman

    Twizzle Wire

    Lovely makes Kate
  10. Cat Woman

    Twizzle Wire

    I did get round to making a twizzle wire necklace but can't remember how to post photos, can anyone help please? Thanks
  11. Cat Woman

    New to knitting

    Hi and Happy New Year. I'm having a go a knitting a jumper (only ever done scarfs and fingerless mitts in past). I'm only on 3rd row and not sure I'm understanding pattern correctly and wondered if someone could possible help please? Done first two rows which will be referred to as 1x1 rib. Now says work 9 more rows in 1x1 rib - does that mean 9 rows or 18 rows? I think 18 but would like to be sure. Thanks
  12. Cat Woman

    Twizzle Wire

    This is where I got mine from www.wireandstuff.co.uk Not got round to making anything with the swizzle yet
  13. Cat Woman

    Which do you prefer game

    Real Autumn or Winter?
  14. Cat Woman

    The New Word Association Thread

  15. Cat Woman

    The Person Below Me........

    No not at all. TPBM is having a good weekend?