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  1. ktpf

    Knitters top tip Thanks :^)

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how long the prize should take to arrive and how it's sent out? My tip was printed in February 2012 issue but I never received a prize. I wrote to Abbie Southern twice, once last month and did not receive a reply. I wrote again this morning. Is she the right contact? Thanks for any information. Karen
  2. ktpf

    Star Letter

    Thank you! They do have my email address at least so I shall be patient and wait for them to contact me! Karen
  3. I was thrilled to bits that my letter was featured as Star Letter in the latest issue of LGC. Does anyone know when I will receive my prize and how? I sent the letter by email and didn't give any personal details in it.
  4. ktpf

    Knitting in Stratford-upon-Avon

    Hi Carol, Sounds good, I will PM you, maybe we can meet sometime next week. Karen
  5. ktpf

    Knitting in Stratford-upon-Avon

    Sorry Joan I dunno why I didn't see your message before, do you still have it and can you keep it for me? I'll tell you why I want it when we meet ;-) I haven't seen any of my Stratford friends this holiday season so haven't asked them if they know anyone who would like to meet up and knit, would you like to sort something out for maybe the 2nd week of Jan? Week beginning 10th Jan.
  6. ktpf

    Knitting in Stratford-upon-Avon

    Joan, I'll like to apologise in advance for being off-topic (and to anyone else reading this) but did you get a copy of Stratford Observer last week. I am trying to track down a copy to no avail. Please save it for me if you do have it. Thanks for reading! Karen
  7. ktpf

    Knitting in Stratford-upon-Avon

    Hi there it's good to finally hear from someone I was convinced no one else in Stratford knits. I haven't had any luck at all, I was planning to ask friends who have lived here longer if they know of anyone who knits and if they would like to meet up at a coffeeshop to knit. Do let me know if you are keen, although I won't be starting anything until after the holidays and it'll have to be on a weekday morning. Happy Christmas! Karen
  8. Hi there, I just moved to Stratford in Warwickshire and would desperately like to join/start a knitting group in town. I haven't met any other knitters yet nor heard of any groups in Stratford. Hope someone reading this is also from Stratford, hear from you soon! Thanks, Karen