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  1. Charming_Stoat

    Wanted! Beading questions for Make Jewellery

    I'd really like to know how to make some of the perfectly round coiled wire beads I've seen one jewellery in the shops like this one. http://tinyurl.com/66ht43m Thanks
  2. Charming_Stoat

    Where can I recycle silver-plated copper wire?

    Doh! I'm so daft I hadn't thought of asking my Dad to check when he does his Sunday Morning run to the tip! I'll find out. Thank you
  3. Charming_Stoat

    Where can I recycle silver-plated copper wire?

    Hi Debbie Unfortunately none of the bits of scrap are any good to anyone else for making things with, so they are really only suitable for the recycle bin....I just need to find the bin! Haha Thanks for your help, Gaina x
  4. Hello All Since I started making jewellery last year I've slowly been filling an old bird food tub with silver-plated copper wire scraps from my various projects. I'd really like to find somewhere I can send these bits and bobs to be recycled but I'm having trouble finding any. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful. Thanks! Gaina
  5. Charming_Stoat

    Making beaded christmas tree ornamets.

    That's brilliant, thank you Caroline . It's amazing what the right set of search keywords can turn up, isn't it? Gaina xxx
  6. Charming_Stoat

    Making beaded christmas tree ornamets.

    Haha, they're cute, thank you
  7. Hello All An on-line friend of mine has had a lovely idea to get people making Christmas tree ornaments and sending them to each other. I have put my name down to participate but now I'm having trouble finding designs I like complete with instructions. It's got to go through the post so I'm thinking something light and flat will be perfect. If you have any beaded ornament designs you can link me to or would be willing to share that would be lovely. I have wire in all gauges and colours and a very healthy bead stash! Thank you Gaina
  8. Charming_Stoat

    MJ subscription Renewal voucher code doesnt' work

    Thank you Maggie I've got the email address and I'll contact them now. Gaina x
  9. I received a letter today telling me that I have four issues left on my subscription of Make Jewellery Magazine and if I renew my subscription today I'd only pay £9.99 every quarter, saving 33% on the cover price over the year. I went to the website and added the promotional code but it's still trying to charge me £42 for the next year's subscription. If anyone can help me with this problem I'd be very grateful . Gaina
  10. Charming_Stoat

    Longtime no post...

    Hi Susie It's funny you should post today because I was reading my MJ magazine last night an noticed you'd won the Forum Challenge! Congratulations, it's beautiful I tend to work in themes and get materials together in one colour pallet before I start (the fact I have 'ranges' in my etsy shop helps focus my mind too). I find it an efficient way to use up odd beads - 'stragglers' as I call them - too
  11. Charming_Stoat

    A tip for Beadalon Spiral Makers

    Thanks . I love sharing these little tips that are born of frustration so I can hopefully save someone else the stress (did you know that the spiral maker also flies? ROFL).
  12. Charming_Stoat

    A tip for Beadalon Spiral Makers

    Hello All I had a 'Eureka' moment a few days ago and wanted to share it with you. Whilst trying out my new Beadalon Spiral Maker I ran into a problem with the spiral coiling up on itself because of the twisted wire around the pegs making the 'lid' uneven....then inspiration struck. Instead of wrapping an off-cut of wire around each peg, I put a jump ring over each peg made of the same gauge wire as the one I wanted to make the spiral from. This keeps the top plate even and prevents the spiral ‘bunching up’ as you turn the handle. I've added a photo to show you exactly what I mean - I hope this helps .
  13. Charming_Stoat

    PMC and glass

    Evening All I have another PMC3 question: Can I melt glass into the recesses of a fired piece using my hand torch? I am 99% certain I remember a beginners kit being demonstrated onTV and the lady put tiny coloured glass balls into the recess of a fired piece then melted them using her torch to create an enameled effect. What I can't remember is weather these were any special type of glass or weather I can use something like this: http://rista.co.uk Any advice gratefully received, thanks! Gaina
  14. Charming_Stoat

    Starting out with PMC

    Thx Charming Stoat Next time I'm over at Festival City I'll take a look... there are no guarantees though as it refers to 2009 and the one thing you can deifinitely say about the Middle East is to expect the unexpected. Things rarely stay the same even basic items like bleach can be out of stock everywhere for several weeks then suddenly its back on the shelves fo every supermarket! I know the Expat Woman forum well :-) its a lifeline for "where do I find" type questions. I suspected you might now the forum but thought I'd include it just in case . My real name is Gaina
  15. Charming_Stoat

    Starting out with PMC

    I found some here: http://www.cakescookiesandcraftsshop.co.uk I also stumbled on this thread on a Forum for expats in Dubai. http://expatwoman.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=101283 Hope that helps