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    Elizajane reacted to stakreem in New craft   
    I have just done a random motif with different stitches in it and intend to make smaller ones to attach to it. Here it is
    I have also put this photo in crochet corner thread. I woul love to see photo of your scarf in random motifs.
    Why not try crochet beaded boxes. Google it on amazon for the book.
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    Elizajane reacted to artym in CHRISTMAS.......Ideas   
    Let's hear all the ideas that may be slightly different for Christmas....one thing (not new as have done it before is).........plain wooden spoons...paint a design on the bowl of the spoon, using acrylic paint, paint a design all down the handle...varnish........and add ribbon through a pre-drilled hole in the handle to hang in kitchen...could be a Christmas design or whatever you want....looks bright and inviting. 
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    Elizajane reacted to Bobsie in CHRISTMAS.......Ideas   
    I am going to knit 'paper' chains. We always used to have advent paper chains - either we would make a paper chain 25 links long and remove one link a day or we each had our own chain, each day adding a new link, until they got linked together Christmas morning to make one big chain. Rudolf cupcakes can be made by using chocolate frosting then red smarties for noses, raisin eyes and broken curly whurlys for antlers.