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  1. Elizajane

    Happy Tuesday!

    Really pleased for you K&F, happier Christmas for you I guess. I can't cope with the days this week, only Tuesday today? Did all my shopping yesterday, mad...one "gent" rammed his trolley into me, I couldn't move as trolley jam in front of me then he did it again, I turned and said I can't go anywhere, "oh did I catch you" 'yes, twice' " thought it was the pile of boxes I was trying to move"???? Going for my haircut this morning, I always go Tuesday, senior discount, thought he may charge full today but he said not, , we don't believe in reverse Christmas giving, he said, just been hunting out a gift bag to take him a nice bottle of red. last night we discovered a leak on bathroom radiator, hubby has done a temporary repair to hopefully last a few weeks, went to bed early as had to turn heating off until it sealed. my DILs mum flew into Leeds yesterday, one of the only flights to land due to high wind, it is literally a flying visit, she had a routine mammogram a few weeks back, since then surgery and early January she starts radiotherapy, she is already tattooed for it, can understand her wanting to see her daughter and our grandchildren, pleased for DIL as she wanted to see her mum but couldn't get there due to flight cost and practicalities if 2 small chikdren. Hope you all get crafty time, I'm knitting myself a jumper, one if the packs I bought in Ho**ycraft, KEEP CRAFTING
  2. Elizajane

    Monday. ...

    Christmas can come, my cardigan finished, been a real challenge as still struggling to craft due to shoulder/arm plus brain in a bit of a sieve mode still. hope your all okay
  3. Elizajane

    Sunday and rain

    Went to Leeds, was busy but not as bad as expected and drizzle but not rain, we just wandered around, went in for a tiny drink and a sandwich, another little walk and bus home, was okay, didn't buy a thing but didn't really need anything. Now sat knitting the peplum, looking good and fits well with the style and it is shaped in at the waist, I'll have to try and get a picture, still dithery on tablet and phone , we'll see. hope everyone and relatives are well or improving, my 3 year old granddaughter has been poorly over a week, missed all the parties and said to mummy yesterday, why am I not better, doesn't Santa have time . hubby just brought me a cuppa so will leave you for now. keep Crafting
  4. Elizajane

    Sunday and rain

    We got up and dry so decided to hop on bus to Leeds, just to get the festive feel as according to the council web site lots of carolling going on with brass bands, so got a shower and dressed and now it is raining, may still go as bus goes from the end of our road, hubby is more enthusiastic than me, he says we can jump on a bus home again, ho ho ho I finished my bobble cardigan, BUT.... wish it was a bit longer so I am now adding as peplum (is that spelt right) to give it the extra 2".. think it is going to look okay, just doing it all in one and I have 380 stitches on one needle and I have picked up the stitches along the hem edge so it is a little heavy to hold, one row and a rest, Hope everyone is well, almost ready for the big day and you all have crafty time today, I plan to finish my cardigan later (Have already taken next pack of wool to the side of my knitting spot)
  5. Elizajane

    Last saturday before ....... Christmas

    Afternoon all, pleased your feeling better Goose, k&f you sound bright, quite funny about your friend, I had a similar one, intelligent but not in everyday life. Bud, I got up had a shower then strsight into sloppy clothes, love it. my day has not been as restful as I hoped as we suddenly remembered we needed to defrost freezer, could hardly move drawers but it is all done now and I found a nice pork joint I can use christmas day so saves us having to think what can I make, will do it with Christmas lunch things and some stewed apple in there so going to buy some ready made pastry and apple pie for pud, shhhh don't tell anyone, I'm just not interested in this last minute Christmas day that has been thrust on me, want to save my energy for the Saturday when my offspring and grandchildren arrive. This afternnon I am knitting, determibed to finish my bobble, cable cardigan, bought more wool yesterday in a charity shop, all in hanks and pure wool in differnt peacock shades, so 4 lots in niw to knit up for myself, indulgent but nice, really into knitting again, finding it relaxing. Also bought buttons for my cardigan, hadn't realised how expensive they are now, first ones I liked were £1.25 each and I need 8, picked some at 48p each in the end, next time I will look in a shop near us, sure hers are cheaper than that, but I just liked these as a good match and knew if I left them I wouldn't be abke to find a match, washing machine just finished so bye for now,
  6. Elizajane

    Finally Friday

    Good morning. what a day yesterday, first a relative arrived armed with gifts for my family, she must have had something on her shoe as we had to shampoo carpet after her visit, just need something to force us into defrosting freezer now and we will then have completed all the jobs we promised to do before Christmas, She also dropped a bombshell of she had asked her dad to Christmas lunch and she has changed her mind, i won't go into that but......would we have him here, I wasn't going to cook on the big day so now I have to re plan, it won't be the traditional lunch as at this late date I'm not up to it, my father in law has been told and he says he's not worried what we eat... ekkkk what can I make that is easy. Then the grandma of 5 year old neighbour knocked on the door in panic, she had to collect said 5 year old from school 5 miles away in 15 minutes and she'd locked her keys in boot, lets keep calm and prioritise I said, first thing we need to collect 5 year old, hubby got our car out, AA was phoned and retrieved her car keys after that, she arrived back later armed with gifts for us, which was nice but unnecessary. Today I think rest is called for although weather says nice so we may have a little trip out. I'm well on with 2nd sleeve so hoping to finish it this weekend, need to buy buttons, have tins full but nothing suitable. started trying to read posts I missed yesterday but .. I read some but my memory is bad today, plus looks as though fun has been had in foreign lands, so many ,! well whatever they are posts on,! Plus you know by now I'm rubbish so ..... hope you are all well, poorly people improving. .... lots of crafting going on and the peaceful bit of Christmas near.
  7. Elizajane


    Morning all, I came on computer to make my little granddaughter a card, she has now got the cold bug and is really poorly, they won't let me visit in case I get it again, so a magic spell card from Elsa (frozen) don;'t need to do much thinking for a little girls theme at the moment do we? Going to glue glitter on in a minute, also made her birthday card while I was on as that too has a frozen theme, granddad is good at art so he made a start a few weeks back and it was sat waiting for me to finish it, half way there now. Hope every one is well, I feel better than I have for ages, still got the aches in my joints but guess this damp weather I would have had arthritis problems if I'd not had the op go wrong and then the virus and.... nuff said. Going to stay in and knit today, got my SIL calling for coffee and present swapping soon so better leave you for now. Keep CRAFTING
  8. Elizajane


    Goose....hope you soon feel better, this batch of colds/flu/bronchitis seem to hit everybody for a 6 or a dozen, a friend of mine who hasn't had a day off work ill in years had to have 3 weeks off work. Liz, I go see doctor on Friday, not sure what for, maybe just a check up? my wool I bought yesterday at 10 balls for £10 seen it on sale at 2.99 a ball, so really pleased, still don't know what to knit with it but...... Have to go as timer on oven buzzing. hope to have a knitty eve, wanting to finish it now.
  9. Elizajane


    Just been to Supermarket. .silly already. .going again Monday then thats it until after ..on our own Christmas but offspring and grandchildren coming on 27th so that will be our big day..looking forward to it..seems daft but it does seem less pressure getting together after the main days..no rushing the children with their gifts... On sleeves of my complicated cardigan and not much pattern on those..just hope it fits now. Wishing you all a relaxed few days..it's only another day..some of the trolleys this morning..ekkkk..not mine..think one thing about having the year I have is you do see things differently. . I'm knitting this aft..daughter will be here for a late lunch soon then shes off for her hair doing. Crafty wishes
  10. Elizajane

    Tuesday. ..

    I agree K&F terrible world news and unbelievable things near to home, so sad. Hope the lady near you is okay my nice news, I didn't get to our nearby wool shop, I started a bit of cleaning and it takes me so long hubby was back before I set off amd she's only open until 2.00 on Tuesdays, but hubby bless him, come on I'll run you to H***ycraft and wow wow wow, they were just unpacking a new delivery and full pack of 10 balls of Sid*r 30% wool random dyed for £10 a pack, I bought 2, will get the peacock colour another time, I'm thinking a patchwork style jumper with cables...may change my mind, sad thing is my complcated bobble cardigan, one front 2inch longer than the other, what I dud wrong? Maybe watching tv while following a pattern and counting pulled it back and I'll do it again tonight. bye for now
  11. Elizajane

    Tuesday. ..

    Just over a week and the madness everywhere you go may ease. I'm not really self medicating Liz..it's the amitriptyline I was prescribed before and I asked to come off them which I did gradually. Doc gave me some for times like this but told me let them know if I took them..that is the bit I slipped on..I was taking them a few days before I phoned. .I just kept forgetting..like you I come out of pharmacy with a big bag full. Hubby is going to his dads this morning to sort a problem he has so I am going to sneak to the wool and quilting shop a 5 minute walk away. .I want a peacock coloured cardigan and looked in York yesterday and although lots of wool tempted me I resisted as not the colour I wanted. .need to finish my current cardigan but she closes over a week ay christmas so need to get stocked up. You know how it is..have I enough milk in..check I have enough meds as doctor closed and maybe not in this order of importance but have I enough crafty stock. Hope everyone slept..is well. Is crafty. Have a crafty Tuesday.
  12. Elizajane

    sleepless monday

    Been quite nice here today. .sun shining but cool..not really much news but I have just nnoticed my nails are growing. .has this Eliza woman gone mad..well maybe but for months they have been peeling off in layers..something to do with whats going on health wise..so I'm all excited I'm improving..bought myself a nail varnish to celebrate. .downside is I'm still dithery and can't put it on but my daughter is calling Wednesday and she'll manicure me..daft things that excite. My knitting is coming on well..almost finished 2nd front..it's all bobbles and cables..so sleeves and bands then hey presto ..to be honest didn't think I would be able to do complicated..goes to show never say never... Hope you get a better nights sleep tonigh Liz but no self medicating...he he...I still am but I did speak to practice nurse and she had a word with doctor and he says he'll let me off this time ..I see him Friday. Hope you all have a cosy crafty evening
  13. Elizajane


    Had a nice day..all crafty..my friend called to compare recent makes..I'd wrapped some of mine so she could only see a few. Knitting now..feet up and glass of wine. Hope your all well and crafty
  14. Elizajane

    Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

    It was a new program. .I enjoyed it..Kirstie just makes me smile..don't think she is the most talented crafter but she brings crafts to lots in a fun way..I would like to see a new series..she got me into needle felting and machine embroidery on cards and I've been crafting since late 50's early 60's.
  15. Elizajane


    Thought I was posting early but. ..... We did Christmas London last year..winter wonderland in Hyde Park..all the shop windows. .Christmas market on the south bank. .a few gingerbread latte...mulled wine..had a meal and then the tube back to a lodge we were staying in and sat in the hot tub with a few flakes of snow. .only down side my arthritis shouted after a while and I was stuck at the bottom of some steps. .this was when we went for a meal and medicine. .. Talking of holiday. .my cousin came to see me last night..he is here for a few days seeing family. .his holiday cottage is doing well..almost fully booked for next year.they have teamed up with friends who also have cottages so they can each get away from home at times and he is thinking of converting 2 more out buildings. .depends if his sons/dils want to come in with him..seems they are both starting families next spring and both buying houses near him..so it is thought it would be a good time and the DIL' s are looking into taking over the general running instead of returning to their old jobs. .He wants to make sure they are on board though as he says the conversion work was hard for him..think the decision will be made after they all get settled in their new homes with their new little bundles of joy..sounds a good plan to me though. I haven't slept again. ..thinking I may need to see doctor. .have to admit to taking amitriptyline I found left from last year a couple of times recently but guess I really should get professional help and not self medicate when I'm taking so many other meds. Hope you all get crafty time today. .my planned task is to make a beaded necklace to hold a lovely Amber pendant my hubby bought me at a craft fair..it's got silver wire setting and tiny amethyst ..not sure if the creaky fingers will cope..last night I set up all the bits on craft table and said to myself. .try..even if it takes me all day..failing that I may have to buy a sliver chain. .the seed beads are perfect with it...was going to say fingers crossed but that would make them stiffer. .lol Enjoy the day..