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  1. Hey thank you so much for my belated bday card....and bits and bobs.... its put a smile on my face as i had an opeation today so feeling a little low...but crafty bits make me smile!! thank you once again xxxxxx
  2. gti_princess

    Hello I'm new to this site.

    Hello mumma =] welcome to the world of craft!! (spikemumma.....is really my mumma)
  3. Thanks to Golden Hippie for my card and RAK.... it was lovely. Thanks to Clara Cluck for my beautiful card =] Thank you to...Golfer for you beautiful stiched card =] your so clever and the gift too =] and last but not least Dee Snr .....thank you for my card and RAK.... I really appricate it.... ive got more bits to add to my stash....which i can add to my new craft room when its finished =] xxx
  4. gti_princess

    Hello all...im still here!!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome back =].... the plasterer has finished upstairs =] so his not due to return untill friday but were getting there =] ill post piccies as soon as it look half like a craft room haha =] xx
  5. gti_princess

    Hello all...im still here!!

    THank you Charl, i cant wait to be honest im so excited =] so its deffinatly worth the sore fingers and the freezing cold
  6. gti_princess

    Hello all...im still here!!

    Hello all... how are we all? Having a nice sunday? I just thought i would let you know im still here, ..... the basic story for why i havent been on for a while....is because my partner lost his job in oct...ive been working all hours god sent.....and THEN.....we brought our first house...in jan....it was a repocession so there alot of work to be done.....so ive not had much time to do any card making... BUT...........in our house ive ben given my own craft room....YAY!!!! im a very happy sarah... so all the cuts and bruises im getting doing the house up....is going to be worth it =] Ive missed this crafty side of the web =] nice to be back!
  7. Wow there all so beautiful =] i do love your one you made cherryobsidia xx
  8. gti_princess

    Latest make?

    Hello all i havent made any cards over xmas as ive been so busy with family and the usual xmas rush. My partner brought me a glue gun a table top timmer which has been a god send =] heres a few bits that i got for xmas... and the makes ive done =) and for the makes A card for my sister A card for my friend A Card for my Nephew who will be 3 A card for my mother-in-law
  9. gti_princess

    can gift wrapping be made fun?

    I love wrapping i didnt used to but untill i started to sit and think about it .... and think of ways to make it fun, I use paper and sellotape, Ribbon and i also use tree decorations that i buy in jan sales and that way the people have them for their trees =] xxx
  10. gti_princess

    SS sent and received list

    aww im so excited for you all .... just wished id of taken part ... i would have loved to have guessed who had me =] xxx
  11. gti_princess

    Hello all im back

    Hello all.... im back so i thought i would come and see you all =] How are you? ive not been on much as my partner lost his job in oct and ive been busy working...and trying to get xmas ready and buying presents =] so VERY stressed. How are you all? How was Secret Santa? xxx
  12. gti_princess

    Thank you boxclever

    I would like to thank boxclever very much for a wonderful RAK that I received this week!! It was a wonderful surprise thank you again!! Bring on the weekend xxx
  13. gti_princess

    Black and Gold cards

    Aww they are Beautiful maggie =] what a lovely RAK you got sent =]
  14. gti_princess

    question about RAKS

    Hey girlies... Hope you all having a lovely evening =] I received the email for the rak... im going to sort some bits out this weekend.... does everyone on the list get sent a rak? im confused on how it works? Help xxx
  15. gti_princess

    help wanted

    fantatsic thank you very much =]