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  1. Ive managed to make a few with this Issue, But I'm waiting for the return of My Magazines as I have Lent them to My MIL Who's into CardMaking and Parchment, She's Learnt me Whats what, I Never heard of Half the stuff that was Used tomake the cards. So I thank My MIL for that. I've made a couple from last Issue from the Magazine and Come up with a Couple of my Own Ideas.

  2. Hi Everyone,


    My Names Elle, I'm 29, Married to Paul, We're Proud Parents to Molly who's Just turned 1 (She shares my Birthday). We have a Hamster Named "Fergie Benitez" (Due to Football Related Hubby is Man Utd and I support Liverpool). We're from the West Midlands.


    Ive only just started doing Card Making, I did abit of Cardmaking a couple of Years ago, but only recently started Card Making Properly.