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  1. Natalie Osborn

    Adorable toys magazine

    Hi Bethens, You can find the templates here: http://www.crafts-beautiful.com/index.php/download/adorable_toys_templates/ Sorry you couldn't find them before! Let me know if you have any further problems. Natalie
  2. Hello ladies, Yes, you heard it right, CB has finally entered the glorious world of Pinterest! I've pinned all of the most fabulous step-by-step projects, videos and free papers from crafts-beautiful.com so you can have fun browsing the boards and (hopefully!) find inspiration for your next project. I've also put all our free festive projects and papers onto one board, so it's even easier to begin your Christmas crafting early this year! Plus, just before every new mag goes on sale, I'm going to pin the team's three fave projects from that issue (one from Sarah, one from Holly and one from yours truly!) so you can have a sneak peak of what's to come. I'll also be pinning all the lovely things I find around the web, so keep checking back - you might see a thing or two from these fair forums... So what are you waiting for? Check out CB's Pinterest - we're a little lonely at the mo so we'd love it if you followed us! Natalie x PS As always, I welcome your input - what else would you like to see on CB's Pinterest? I'm going to start a Craft Room Envy, Pretty Packaging and Baking boards when I find a spare moment - but what other boards would you find useful/inspiring/enjoyable?
  3. Look what arrived on my desk this morning... a super-dooper hot chocolate making set! Thanks Claire, so kind of you. I look forward to all the sugar rushes this kit will provide!!
  4. Natalie Osborn


    Hello all, I hope everyone's well and enjoying this bout of gorgeous weather - in 48 hours I've hosted a BBQ, gone to a village fete and had strawberries and Pimms in Hyde Park - I take my summer very seriously! But moving on to this month's deserving member... she's a real pillar of this community and has been for a long time, she constantly enters challenges, shares patterns and helps out others, all with a sparkling sense of humour and wit. And, by sheer stroke of luck, she's already had some brilliant news this month - and as all wonderful things happen in threes, hopefully her MOTM tiara will spur on a third bit of good fortune! So, have you guessed it yet...? maritrez, you're Miss July! Congratulations, MT :cheese: PM me your address and I'll get something crafty sent to you in the post asap. Until next time x
  5. Natalie Osborn

    Jubilee baking!

    Everything's going to the Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. I think the total's somewhere near £140 now! Very proud of our sugar-craving greedyness :cheese:
  6. Natalie Osborn

    Jubilee baking!

    We're still going strong! We've raised over £120 so far - pretty good going, don't you think?
  7. Natalie Osborn

    Jubilee baking!

    The crowds are descending! Genuinely concerned that not much will be left by lunchtime... Might have to do a quick panic buy!
  8. Natalie Osborn

    Jubilee baking!

    The big day is finally here and, as I hope you'll agree, we've really outdone ourselves! We'll be posting up pics throughout the day and you can request recipes for anything you'd like to try yourself :cheese: Now, is 9.30am too early to start on the sugar...?
  9. Natalie Osborn

    New moderators!

    Hello all, As you all know, our beloved Maggie50 is stepping down from her modly duties, so the time has come to welcome a few more recruits to the esteemed Mod Squad! Raise your glass, tip your cap and bow your head to... Claire Willis, Lacey and Bigbunniesuk! These ladies will do a fantastic job maintaining the forum as a happy, helpful, friendly and fun place, and I look forward to seeing them shine in their new roles. Well done ladies - now, go forth and moderate!
  10. Natalie Osborn

    Jubilee baking!

    We've decided to take the plunge and hold a Jubilee bake-off in our office... CB editor Sarah is making one of her many masterpieces (there's been rumours that her choc brownies could be making an appearance), Holly's thinking about a cream-filled Victoria sponge and I'm going for something very easy-peasy as I reckon that this is not the time to get flamboyant in the kitchen - especially with 50+ co-workers checking out our efforts... Let's not forget that my bake-off offering of 2011 were dubbed 'cruel cookies'! What are you guys creating for the Jubilee? If you've got any tried-and-tasted recipes I could try then please post them up... any inspiration would be very gratefully received :cheese: Nat x PS Attached is one of about 30 posters I put up around crafty HQ - we take our baking events very seriously!
  11. Natalie Osborn

    Craft beautiful in Australia?

    p.s. You could always subscribe?
  12. Natalie Osborn

    Craft beautiful in Australia?

    Hi Martha, Unfortunately the member of staff who could help you with your query is on holiday this week (lucky thing), but in the meantime you can download a copy of CB here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/crafts-beautiful/id504540273?mt=8&ign;-mpt=uo=4 I'll be in touch next week when I grab the holiday-goer on Monday!
  13. Natalie Osborn

    How to unsubscribe

    Hi Danni, Sorry to hear you've been experiencing problems. To unsubscribe just click on 'Your Control Panel' at the top of the screen, then select 'Edit Profile' on the left menu, then click the dropdown menu next to Newsletter and select No. Please don't hesitate to contact me on [email protected] if you need any further assistance. Natalie
  14. Natalie Osborn

    Hermann cake

    I made one too! Went for a choc version - what was the apple and cinnamon one like? Also, I want pics!
  15. Natalie Osborn

    Adrienne's (dep ed on Let's Knit) courgette choc cake!

    Goose, so glad you decided to rustle one up! I have now officially sampled the cake and I can confirm it is utterly divine. It's so moist! Big thumbs up.