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  1. Daisy4000

    A to Z in Movies and TV

    It's simple I start with A. Aeon Flux next B
  2. Daisy4000

    Knit & Crochet issue 43

    Hi all I've got a problem with one of the crochet patterns. I wish to know what the name of the stitch is called becasue I've googled what it says it is in the mag and comes up with nothing. I'm an advanced beginner and I think that the Clutch bag on page 40-41 is very badly written. Either there's errors and on one has noticed or they think your a mind reader. I'm never going be buying this magazine again.
  3. Daisy4000

    Knit & Crochet issue 43

    :-) Thanks everyone who tried to help me. I've since found a video tutorial on you tube that is really helpful but I've still not got around to making it yet. Have too many other things going on in my life.
  4. Daisy4000

    The Person Below Me........

    Nope TPBM Has taken their dog for a walk today?
  5. Daisy4000

    Which do you prefer game

    Neither I'm a vegetarian True Blood or Twlight?
  6. Daisy4000

    are you bored

    Nope TPBM likes to loom knit?
  7. Daisy4000

    Two words game

    Ranks Taxi
  8. Daisy4000

    The Food Game

  9. Daisy4000

    The fictional character name game

    Tara Thornton (True Blood)
  10. Daisy4000

    The Celebrity Name Game

    Lauren Bowles
  11. Daisy4000

    The New Word Association Thread

  12. Daisy4000

    The Name Game

  13. Daisy4000

    Knit & Crochet issue 43

    I know how to crochet and I even write patterns for my friend bobwilson123 on youtube and her blog. It's row 2 I have a problem with, it don't make sense. I just want know what the name of that stitch is because when I googled Chequed pattern it came up with nothing. What I'm trying say, for example if I did not know how to do shell pattern, I would look that up and get info.
  14. Daisy4000

    Colorful Granny Afghan

    I only learnt how to crochet this year. I've always know how to do chain stitch but nothing else. Anyway I'm making a gaint granny square blanket. It's taking ages to do and really envy people who can bang them off just like that. In this photo it has taken me two months and I'm still working on it. I much perfer it to knitting which I used to do a lot in years gone by.
  15. Daisy4000

    A to Z in Movies and TV

    Night of the living dead
  16. Daisy4000

    The New Word Association Thread

  17. Daisy4000

    The Food Game

    Eggs sunny side up
  18. Daisy4000

    Two words game

    Parking bay
  19. Daisy4000

    The Name Game

  20. Daisy4000

    The Person Below Me........

    Sometimes, depends what it is. TPBM Likes varigated yarn
  21. Daisy4000

    Which do you prefer game

    Night Fig or Dates?
  22. Daisy4000

    Write the next line (game)...

    It's ok I'll have some fruit instead. Off she wondered thinking what the hell...............
  23. Daisy4000

    The wild animal game

    Pipistrelle I love bats too.
  24. Daisy4000

    How to learn to crochet?

    I hate the magic loop and don't use it much. I think it's very wasteful too with the yarn. I always ch2 and just work my stitches into 2nd ch from the hook and then tight the hole when I've finished my project.
  25. Daisy4000

    A crochet necklace

    Lovely piece of crochet there.