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  1. Glynisrose

    Adhesive query

    The only thing you need stick glue for is making youre double sided or glue pads a bit more movable. Use Pva for matting and layering..
  2. Glynisrose

    Do you use an apron?

    I have two, one I use for baking and the other is a woodworking apron I use for crafting.
  3. Or you could try adding hot wax, that would set!!
  4. Glynisrose

    Advice on sticky stuff...

    Or try spreading a little glue on the back of your hand, dipping the cut out in it till its coated then sticking it down. Saw it on C & C so it must work.....
  5. Glynisrose

    Cutting foam with a die cutter

    Try a Sizzix cutter they tend to be better for this sort of project,
  6. Glynisrose

    Pin cushions

    I always add a small amount of wire wool (very fine grade) to my pincushions, it keeps the needles and pins clean and rust - free!
  7. Glynisrose

    Help Please

    WS stands for wrong side and KFB is knit into the front and back of stitch.
  8. Glynisrose

    What do you use for paper/card cutting?

    Plus a craft knife.... I have a paper cutter I bought from Staples at 9.99 and its brilliant!! I also have a Fiskars cutter for cutting cards to size.
  9. Glynisrose

    enlarging patterns

    Are there instructions for more than one size? If so you can follow the increase in stitches to any size you want!! Just add the amount of increases between the sizes.
  10. Glynisrose

    Paper and Card sites

    If I were you I'd look on e-bay or similar and buy a card kit to start off with, if you have some idea what you are aiming at it helps!!
  11. Glynisrose

    Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

    Sorry guys its not new it was on last year....
  12. Glynisrose

    CB freebie quilling board - help!

    Try googling 'quilling' I bet there are plenty of U-Tube videos....
  13. Glynisrose

    Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

    Yes it is, saw it last year!
  14. Glynisrose

    Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

    Pity its only a repeat of last year's show....
  15. Glynisrose

    Crafts U Print 30% off selected pages

    I love CUP for card designs, they are instantly downloadable and a boon when you need a quick but impressive card!!