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  1. Well that is everything packed up and ready to leave the Middle East - my beads, my silver & my tools plus a host of other craft stuff all reduced to a collection of boxes. It and the rest of our possessions will be collected tomorrow to go on a ship bound for the UK. Next month we are off on our next big adventure - departing Dubai and moving on board a sailing boat to head south to the Falklands via Scotland!


    So thanks to everyone here for being so helpful over the last three years or so. Think I'll definitely have to change my username to something else now! As and when my stash turns up and I can satisfy my creative bug once more I will return to the forum.



  2. Thought you might like to see my biggest silver smithing project to date- its statement pendant based on the Hamsa which means five in Arabic (in some countries it's called a Hand of Fatima). A hamsa is supposed to bring blessings & protection to its wearer.


    The design of the bail with its tube and hinge effect is based on ideas I gleaned from old Omani jewellery but which proved a huge challenge to create. The reverse is not so highly polished but has a satin finish created very easily with a green pan scourer!

  3. I recently picked up a knitting project originally started 10 years ago or so. I'm now just over half way up the last sleeve but am on the last ball of yarn. Not only is the colour not available any more but from my web search the manufacturer is apparently defunct; I'm using Jaeger Aqua which is a cotton DK in shade 310 which is a lovely pale sage colour.


    I suppose I could make both sleeves shorter, the pattern has a loose boat neck, so I have a sort of knitted t-shirt but it'll be heartbreaking to have to undo and reknit both of them. Someone suggested I knit the four rows of the neck in say white but even matching the yarn is going to be difficult.


    Any ideas how I can finish it off?

  4. Its been a while I think since I posted any makes here. But I have been busy, too busy to photograph much but I hope to rectify that in the coming days as I've done quite a lot of silversmithing. I had a new camera for Christmas and have been getting to grips with that as well. Not yet really sure I have got the right setup for jewellery photos but with a bit of help from some software the presentation has improved I think!


    Anyway here is a pair of earrings I was inspired to make by a challenge elsewhere on the web - they are supposed to represent a pair of parrots Scarlet Macaws with their colourful red and blue plummage with a flash of yellow on their wings. The dangle can be interchangeable and these were made with silver plated wire but now I've worked out the shape I think I'll go ahead and make some sterling silver ones with some precious stone chips rather than the (cheap) Chinese glass bicones I used here.

  5. Thx Goose. I use another service to get stuff from the UK to here so will take a look but was hoping to get a few recommendations of books other forumites have found useful... anyway l'll check Amazon, trouble is without actually seeing the inside of a book I never know whether or not it gives wool weights, needles, measurements etc in UK sizes.



  6. Hi


    I'm moving to love somewhere very much smaller but I'd like to take some of my craft stuff with me. Any ideas how to store my card making tools & supplies?


    Currently I have a small toolbox with inks, pens, cutting tools, ribbons, stamps & stickers and a couple of filing drawers of papers, card & punches. All of it needs to be kept in a single well sealed container as it'll be on a bunk on board my new home, a sailing boat. Most of the containers I have looked at online don't seem not big enough to keep the card & paper flat and/or don't have dividers to help keep everything organised.



  7. Hi All


    I am looking for a book that will enable me to expand my knitting horizons beyond cable sweaters & baby wear.


    I have an yearning after colour (intarsia, fair isle etc) but the only comprehensive book I found in a craft shop here in Dubai is of USA origin so wool weights, needle sizes and measurements all need transposing. This makes focusing on the actual techniques difficult, so any suggestions of UK published books you've found helpful would be gratefully received.





  8. Whilst on hols in france this summer I spotted in a craft gallery some lovely dangly earrings in copper which inspired me to make something similar for myself.


    In amongst my craft stash I have some aluminium craft wire which is very light so ideal for such long earrings. It's a bit soft but once hammered into shape it became hard enough to withstand usual wear. Then I drilled a hole through the area I'd flattened at the top before filing the rough edges and polishing the metal shapes using a dremel. Finally I added a contrasting glass bead threaded on sterling silver wire to set the simple shiny shape off. Now all I need is an occasion to wear them!

  9. What a clever idea!


    If anyone wants more inspiration I saw some innovative display stands recently at an airport (not in the UK) - plastic semi-spheres in pastel colours with a slit across the top into which was inserted the display board. The latter were trapezoid in shape and about 6 or 8 inches tall, the shorter of the two parallel sides was placed in the slot so that the board leaned back slightly. I'd guess the base had to be weighted in someway to stop it tipping over. They looked really cool en-mass with a selection of earrings & bracelets and I thought I might look for some suitable materials to try and construct some of my own.

  10. Hi


    What about a local gallery - sometimes they will display a few pieces for you and take some commission on sales. It all depends on the value and uniqueness of what you are making, this works well if its relatively high value and different from other craftspeoples offerings, otherwise an on-line site might suit better.