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    First ever jewellery

    Well done you... and as someone else has posted beware its an addictive hobby, you'll soon be surrounded with beads!
  2. bahrain susie

    2 more from me..

    I love the spiky necklace and the other piece is a clever idea too.
  3. bahrain susie

    A varied mix of makes this weekend!!!

    They are lovely... there is nothing wrong with plastic or rubber in the hands of an artist, we may think they are dull, work-a-day materials but you have shown they can be transformed into something of value and beauty. I especially like your first bracelet.
  4. bahrain susie

    silver plated or sterling silver?

    If you want to keep info private I'd suggest you PM the other person rather than post it on a public forum...
  5. bahrain susie

    Stupid question?

    Both gold and platinum pieces have to be hallmarked in the UK which will give you confidence that a ring is made with what it says it is. As far as I am aware there is a difference in scratch resistance between the two metals but it depends also (& to a greater extent?) on the alloy used in either case however I'm no expert. I would suggest you visit a reputable local jeweller, preferably one who makes rings etc to get their advice before you buy. Whether you choose 22 carat gold or platimum with current precious metal prices a good ring will be expensive, I view a 22ct gold necklace I was given recently as a rainy day investment as well as a gorgeous piece of jewellery.
  6. bahrain susie

    Coiled Wire Beads

    Has anyone any experience of making coiled wire beads? I 've seen a project I'd like to have a go at in one of my books. Do you use a dedicated tool like the Coiling Gizmo or do you make do with a knitting needle? Any advice and tips on suitable tools, wire etc welcome.
  7. bahrain susie

    Coiled Wire Beads

    Thx will give it a go with a spare knitting needle, 3 inch nails are a little thin on the ground where I am at present (my boat)
  8. bahrain susie

    silver/gold plated tags

    Hi I call them necklace or bracelet tags or necklace end tags but I believe the Americans call them sig (as in signature) tags. I've bought them on eBay in the past, usually they have two holes one smaller one for attaching to the necklace (they may come with a small length of chain attached) and one for the clasp to clip onto to or you can use this to attach a dangle or similar. Here is a link to some sterling silver ones: http://www.alchemyandice.com/sterling-silver-necklace-end-tag-9mm.html Hope you find what you are looking for soon S
  9. bahrain susie

    rings using mesh base ideas and pics please!!!

    Hi Alicia A warm wlecome frm me to. Glad to see the forum team spirit is alive and well. Your ring is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing some more of your makes
  10. bahrain susie

    my latest one

    Stunning and as Helen has said already you must have lots of patience! Well done.
  11. bahrain susie

    Bottle Cap Jewellery

    Hi Anna Welcome to the forum. I love your bottle tops - you are very clever to make something so functional look so pretty. I like the way you have put the beads around the edge. Did you glue them in or simply crimp the top around them? Did you paint the picture onto the bottle top or cut it out from paper or card and insert it?
  12. bahrain susie

    experiment with glass tiles

    What a clever idea. Did you varnish the picture backs?
  13. bahrain susie

    Charm Bracelets

    They are lovely especially the last one. Did you thread the chain on elasticated thread? And can you get the sun to come back for a bit? Its been horrible here today and I really haven't felt inspired to make anything despite having a box of new beads to play with.
  14. bahrain susie

    Silver Pendant

    Hi All Finally decided to actually fire my largest silver clay make to date, a peapod with 3 peas. I started sculpting it weeks ago. It was a long time in the clay stage as I wanted it to be just right so lots of adding paste and sanding until I decided I couldn't improve it anymore so had to just get on and fire it. I think I was just procrastinating, hesitant in case I damaged the piece when firing as it is the largest object I've torch fired. Anyway all turned out ok and after much polishing it's ready to wear. At 14.5g it is also the heaviest piece of silver jewellery in my collection. Has anyone any experience of getting a piece of jewellery assayed and hallmarked? I think it's about time I investigated the process.
  15. bahrain susie

    Dragonscale Bracelet - Next one will be in colours!!

    That is impressive Ronnie, you must have loads of patience. Enjoy wearing it! S
  16. bahrain susie

    Fabric flowers on jewellery help please

    Hi Kerry Like Heather not sure what you are after but take a look at your local papercraft/scrapbooking shop as they often have tiny artificial silk flowers. Otherwise why not make your own. Here are a couple of methods but there are loads of them if you search the web: Make flat flowers by cutting out flower shapes in felt and layering them then stich through addding a button or bead as the centre piece Create a tube from a length of 2inch wide fabric, gather the the long edge a bit and then wind it up in a spiral and stich firmly together. Susie
  17. bahrain susie

    Twizzling until I had to order more ;-)

    Its a brand of wire product that comes in pre cut lengths and loads of lovely colours. The twisted tube of fine wire is hollow so you can just thread your bead cord through it. I usually thread it on tigertail or similar as I am wary of nylon or silk thread wearing on the metal. So cut the length you requie either as a spacer or as a decorative "cover" like Caroline has used it in her lovely pieces. I bought a mixed bag of lengths of it at a bead show in the west country last year and love using short lengths as a bead spacer. The only cautionary word is that I have found when cutting it you have to be careful as it can crush and also ensure you don't get a sharp sticky out end that will scratch the neck.
  18. bahrain susie

    Dragonvein Agate for me x

    Hi Max That is gorgeous - love the way the chain drapes and those beads are beautiful S
  19. bahrain susie

    Longtime no post...

    Hi All Been lurking around here on and off but had little time to photograph and organise the few things I've made over recent weeks. So here to make amends are my most recent pieces. Seeing them like this I realised they are a bit random in style - do any of you work to a theme or make a collection of pieces? Would love to hear your thoughts on the process or the practicalities! Anyway hope you like this assortment S
  20. bahrain susie

    Beads from glass bottles...

    Don't recall anything posted on here but I do have this blog bookmarked: http://soozjewels.blogspot.com/ - Sue makes beads from recycled glass...
  21. bahrain susie

    And a couple more!!!

    Love the pink flowers...
  22. bahrain susie

    Dolly Mixture Necklace and Licquorice Alsort Bracelets

    Hi Lucie A warm welcome from me too. Your jewellery is certainly different. I do like the colours in your first piece. S
  23. bahrain susie

    Beads from Air Dry Clay?

    Hi Is anyone out there making beads from air dry clay? I rolled out some DAS clay yersterday and my first beads are now drying. They look like they will need sanding to make the edges smooth which I'll do later today before painting them. How durable is it? And would you advise that beads are varnished once painted with acrylics? Any advice on using air dry clay would be welcome. S
  24. bahrain susie

    A Couple More!!

    Hi Ronnie The flowers are really lovely with the contrasting colours. What are you going to do with them? Glad you sorted out your techie problemette too. S
  25. bahrain susie

    More beads!!!!

    A belated Happy Birthday xxx! I like it that you are continuing the beach theme and love ripples on the shore. They really do represent the effect of the tide on the sand wonderfully. S