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  1. bahrain susie

    October jewellery Swap

    Oh this sounds a lovely idea, if you are accepting overseas players do count me in though I'm not certain which would be my most favourite poem.
  2. bahrain susie

    SECRET SANTA, SIGN UP HERE!!!!!! :) before 19th November

    Count me in too please (fingers firmly crossed that posting from the UAE will work in time)
  3. bahrain susie

    September Jewellery Swap all now received, and photos on here too :-)

    Thanks for hosting this Helen. All the makes look fab, everyone has done so well and I can't wait to receive mine.
  4. bahrain susie

    Right Angle Weave Bracelets

    Thanks Helen. RAW is so very easy with larger beads like this I've no idea why I didn't try it before!
  5. bahrain susie

    a few pieces from me this week

    You've been busy. The floral bracelet is super and I love the wiggly earrings, they are so simple yet stylish. Good luck with all your entries.
  6. bahrain susie

    Uber sparkly kumihimo bracelet

    Thats what I was getting at...I avoid fiddley at all costs! I prefer something that grows fast without too much effort otherwise my attention span is gone.
  7. bahrain susie

    Uber sparkly kumihimo bracelet

    Having already admired this over on FB thought I'd just pop over here to say it's an amazing piece of work. Having looked up how these cords are made you must have loads of patience...184 crystals is a lot of work.
  8. bahrain susie

    what do you think

    Why don't you advertise locally and try to organise a coffee morning or similar? Here in Dubai a group of us meet every Tuesday in different peoples homes, the hostess provides coffee & cake whilst we bring along our latest projects... quilting, jewellery, decoupage, knitting & embroidery are just some of the groups skills so there is always loads of advice for anyone stuck on a project. One lady l for instance wanted to knit her first grandchild a blanket but hadn't knitted anything for years so we got her started. Another had a gorgeous necklace which had fallen and broken a couple of key glass beads, the jewellery makers amongst us were able to point her to places to go to buy replacements and helped reassemble the piece. Meanwhile we natter and put the world to rights with discussions ranging from visa issues (a regular topic here for expats) to the latest grandchild or how to entertain visitors or recommendations of places to get clothes made/altered. Usually about six or seven of us meet but the actual group is much larger.
  9. bahrain susie

    New chainmaille set

    They are all very lovely. I especially like the button bracelets, you have tempted me to revisit my button collection.
  10. Love the owl... very funky! Snowmen in September? But they are lovely too.
  11. bahrain susie

    My makes .

    Love the green set.
  12. bahrain susie

    New Items

    They are lovely, good luck with the shop! Hope your uni studies are going well too.
  13. bahrain susie

    A week in Cornwall sent my Mojo into overdrive!!!!

    You have been busy and so creative. And the photography on the slate is wonderful as it really makes the colours stand out. The multi-coloured necklace looks fab as does the pastel pink one.
  14. bahrain susie

    The torch has been a flaming again....

    They are gorgeous. I especially love the first one
  15. What brilliant entries, well done everyone. As I'm overseas I won't get my copy of MJ30 in time to enter but looking forward to doing something with my heart when it does arrive as you've provided plenty of wonderful ideas.
  16. bahrain susie

    My latest 'make'

    Wow Ronnie your foxtail make is stunning! Your ideas just get better and better.
  17. All three are lovely pieces Helen, well done. Don't think I can say any more except that you deserve the praise thats been heaped on you by the others. You've inspired me to see if I can create a ladder bracelet or two to add to the growing pile of bracelets (Xmas pressies) I was working on before I went on holiday. Now I'm back its time to get on with them again.
  18. bahrain susie

    more new ones from me, been busy indeed!

    You have been busy. I especially like the last one. One of my new friends in Jo'burg makes her own jewellery and was wearing something similar she had made last week but in red crystals with the dangles done as a series of linked beads and I loved the shape but I think yours is the prettier interpretation.
  19. bahrain susie

    First attempt

    Thats impressive and stylish. I'm not certain I have the patience for anything like this.
  20. bahrain susie

    September Jewellery Swap all now received, and photos on here too :-)

    Hi Helen Has mine made it to you yet? S
  21. bahrain susie

    First go at Chain maille :)

    They are very pretty. Love the first one. Well done!
  22. bahrain susie

    September Jewellery Swap all now received, and photos on here too :-)

    Hi Helen Put it in the post today... no idea how long it'll take from Dubai but hopefully my posy bracelet will arrive in time. Off to S Africa for a few weeks to play with my granddaughter. S
  23. bahrain susie

    September Jewellery Swap all now received, and photos on here too :-)

    Hi Helen Count me in, assuming the international post from here will deliver in time. Will have to get my skates on to get something in the post before I leave for S Africa on Friday tho' as the postal service from there is even slower! S
  24. bahrain susie

    xmas jewellery

    I'll try to publish some pictures once I've got some of the collection made. Have just finished an entry for the MJ29 challenge - another bracelet! :-)
  25. bahrain susie

    xmas jewellery

    I'm planning to make lots of bracelets this year. I don't sell my makes just give it away to friends and family as presents and read somewhere that stacks of bracelets are the current in thing so have made it my challenge to make a set for my sister and daughter plus each of my sisters-in-law and others if I have time.