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    Right Angle Weave Bracelets

    Looking for some bracelet ideas yesterday I came across a right angle weave bracelet pattern with overstitching on one side in a back issue of MJ (Nov 2009) and I've now made two of them. You can wear then either way up, the original article suggested the plainer side for day wear and the sparkly, overstitched side for night. The MJ pieces were in much brighter colour combos too like pink and blue but I've a huge bag of gold seed beads I wanted to use. The cream, gold and green gives a rather Elizabethan effect on the overstitched side. And yes one is longer than the other, as my first one seems a bit loose as my beads were a slightly different shape so I made it again with fewer pattern repeats but now need a length of gold coloured chain to complete the fastening. Excuse the photo but I was having difficulty reproducing the colours, with a flash the creams and gold both became brilliant white!
  2. Here is my entry, you can guess where my mind has been for the last few days! Hope it makes the deadline. I cut out a tree and a tub using an old Christmas card for the tree. Then I cut the tree into 5 random slices before mounting all the pieces on some darker green card and cutting them out again leaving a narrow border. The resulting pieces were mounted on the card using foam pads. The "ribbon" down the left hand side was cut from some striped seasonal card, following the edge of the hand painted stripes. A greeting stamp in gold ink and a little gold glitter to highlight the tree finished it off. It was a bit of a test of a steady hand and a keen eye to cut out so I won't be making too many of these to send to friends and family back in the UK this Christmas but hopefully now have a simplified version I can "mass" produce as I need about 60 cards!
  3. bahrain susie

    Some of my creations

    Welcome to the forum! Love the pearl bracelet. What size wire did you use on the jig? I have one but when I tried making shpes with craft wire it was a bit soft so bent out of shape easily. S
  4. bahrain susie

    Lots of sparkle :)

    Its good to have a bit of a session from time to time! I love the black leaves, can I ask where you got them from as they appear much larger than any I have found?
  5. bahrain susie

    Two For Me

    This week I thought I'd also make something for me as I'd bought some lovely beads during my summer travels and done very little with them. So two necklaces. The greenish one is made from chunky ceramic beads from the Chinese Market in Jo'berg. I simply knotted waxed cotton thread between each bead. The other necklace is similar to one I made my daughter in the summer. The shiny black seed beads came from a wonderful Aladdins cave of a habadashery shop here in Satwa, Dubai - they are actually top quality Japanese seed beads and a 100g bag came at a bargain price of 22.50AED (about a fiver!). I will be back for more!! I don't know what the white beads used in both necklaces are. They are very cold to touch which makes me think they are some sort of crystal, they are frosted in appearance and have lots of "flaws" running through them yet they are all perfectly round. I got them in a job lot of beads purchased via eBay and love using/wearing them as they are very tactile. If you've any ideas to help me identify them I'd love to hear from you!
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    October jewellery Swap

    Just took a peek at the photos and everyone's contributions look so lovely,. Well done all and a big thx to Maggie for being so tolerant of all our delays and for organising this one. I certainly enjoyed the challenge.
  7. I'm looking forward to it... I'll have several issues awaiting me when I arrive int he UK next week.
  8. bahrain susie

    New jewellery maker, magazine advice and craft fairs pls :) x x

    Hi Amanda Welcome ot the forum. I don't sell my work though I seem to be building a bit of a fan base amongst my friends so perhaps I should! Anyway I do subscribe tot he magazine and collect the issues up every few months or so from my MILs house when I'm in the UK. I like the projects for inspiration but usually find myself making things based on ideas from the back copies stashed on my shelves. Also find some of the techniques described useful when stuck trying to do something new. S
  9. bahrain susie

    blue bracelet

    What a shame and it was such lovely smoky colours too. have you enough beads to make another?
  10. bahrain susie

    A coupe of my new pieces

    No constructive criticism from me either they all look lovely. Would love to know how you created the focal piece on the necklace as its gorgeous.
  11. bahrain susie

    I've been a flaming again....

    Definitely not boring, your work is fascinating. I love the almost stone like colours you get especially the mythical mystical set. And you captured the butterfly so beautifully too.
  12. bahrain susie

    Two necklaces & a bracelet

    The pearl necklace is so elegant, no wonder your sister gave you a big hug. And the red is a great twist on the style.
  13. bahrain susie

    necklace for myself

    Love it! Judging by what I've seen for sale in the stores here to you'll be bang on trend when you go out in it.
  14. bahrain susie

    Project Christmas!

    A while ago I decided to instigate Project Christmas - each of my sisters in law and my nieces, not forgetting my sister would receive a little gift this Christmas (usually we only give presents to our own children and the under 16s) as we are so far away and won't be home for the festivities again this year. I counted the women of the family up and came to 10 so I have been busy on and off, I rather lost my way with the project in late September but doing something else a couple of weeks or so ago inspired me to start again. With some inspiration from my back copies of MJ I've made a "collection" of bracelets and a few earrings. All are now done ready to take with me when I visit the UK shortly where hopefully my MIL won't mind putting them in the post for me nearer to the festive season.
  15. bahrain susie

    Project Christmas!

    Last one!
  16. bahrain susie

    Project Christmas!

    Five more...
  17. bahrain susie

    October jewellery Swap

    "How long would it normally take" What is normal... sometimes things arrive as quickly as UK first class ie within a couple of days and other times they can take over a week. It seems completely random. I posted this one the week before last.
  18. bahrain susie

    October jewellery Swap

    Hi Maggie Have you received my packet from Dubai yet? Susie
  19. Hi Firstly welcome to the Forum! Like the other posters I mostly use silver plated wire and findings but I have bought a few rhodium plated items, mainly because I liked the shapes etc rather than specifically because of their plating. Rhodium is a much harder wearing metal than silver and therefore more resistant to tarnish and damage. You can even buy gold and sterling silver items that have been rhodium plated to ensure they keep their looks longer! Rhodium is a very expenisve metal belonging to the same family of metals as platinum. However plating is just a thin coat of one metal on another and the quality of the plating process and resultant thickness of the plating is probably as important as the metal used when you are talking about plated base-metal findings. My experience has been that the cheaper the price the more quickly the plating wears off but also bear in mind that the use/wear that the item gets will also play a part in this. For example I have a leather thong necklace where the silver plating rapidly disappeared off the jump rings and catch mainly because I often wear it dinghy sailing and the salt water has sped up the process! I love copper too because its cheap and gradually acquires a lovely patina when worn so have begun to make my own findings in copper wire. S
  20. bahrain susie

    bracelets with charms, need advice!

    Hi I think thats a great idea and can see nothing wrong with selling the bracelets on their own. The original idea of charm bracelets I think was that you were given a bracelet with no charms or perhaps one or two and then you collected them over the years. I have friends & relatives with wonderful bracelets that are very precious to them as every charm added holds a memory eg a birthday, new baby or a special holiday. S
  21. bahrain susie

    Elastic thread - please help

    Hi Marie Wire is a BIG subject. First it depends on what you task you want wire for. For bead stringing tiger tail or plastic coated multi-strand wire can be used if not using beading thread. You can get various colours but I often used plain steel coloured 7 strand (0.46mm diameter) if its going to be covered in beads. For earring wires, beadlinks and headpins I usually use 0.8mm silverplated or sterling silver wire (the USA call this 20 gauge). For catches & jump rings I'll use something a bit thicker like 1mm (18 gauge). For more fancy wirework like chain links or focal pieces I usually choose aluminium craftwire or copper wire in whatever thickness I think will suit. The thicker the wire the harder it is to bend. In the American wire gauge system the bigger the number the thinner the wire and vice versa. For crimps I tend to use whatever I have to hand that fits as they are usually covered either by a bead or by a crimp cover but that is probably my self taught way and someone will be bound to correct me! On the tools subject if you have not already bought then I would recommend you choose standard size tools as with the mini ones you may find like me that your hand tends ache after a while as they don't have the leverage of the larger tools. The mini ones are great for occasional use eg when travelling though. Hope that helps a bit and I'm sure others will chip in too S
  22. bahrain susie

    Elastic thread - please help

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I second what Mike says and only use Stretch Magic. I've tried other stuff but this one does what it says on the tin as its worth the extra cost. S
  23. bahrain susie

    Coiled Wire Bracelet

    Finally had some time to do some experimenting with coiled wire this afternoon. Used some pink craft wire on a size 2 knitting needle to make short coils which I threaded onto memory wire with some silver coloured spacers and blue glass beads, adding a catch to finish it off.
  24. bahrain susie

    Coiled Wire Bracelet

    Thx everyone for your lovely comments.
  25. bahrain susie

    Right Angle Weave Bracelets

    Hi Kath RAW == Right Angle Weave It's basically a two needle weave with the threads crossing over through the central beads. For a better explanation see here: http://www.aroundthebeadingtable.com/Tutorials/RightAngleWeave.html Anyway its apparently one of the easiest stitches to learn. The bracelets above were my first attempt at it and the base grew very quickly once I'd got the hang of it. S