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  1. bahrain susie

    shamballa bracelets

    Hi Like AnniPani I use clear nail varnish and find its pretty good at holding knots solid without making the surface too hard and scratchy. Your bracelet is very pretty. Susie
  2. bahrain susie

    Who is the messiest?????? closes 6pm tonight!!!!!

    Would show you mine but as we've had guests in our spare bedroom (aka my craft room) for the past month and a bit I've not had the chance to make it messy... just wait until tomorrow when our last visitor flies home though!
  3. bahrain susie

    Tresor Paris Bracelets - RIP OFF!!!!

    I saw something similar here in Dubai on display in the store window of a well known jewellery brand jsut before Christmas. I thought the price tag outrageously high for a handful of their beads and some knotted waxed cord but I suppose they are just cashing in on the shambala bracelet trend.
  4. bahrain susie

    Beaded Bracelet

    Thought I'd share a project that has been sitting on my workbench for a few weeks while I procrastinated over it. In the end decided on a less is more approach and simply added the button & loop fastening rather than the flowers and fringing I originally planned and actually started. So green square glass beads woven into a band with a button and loop fastening. The strip of woven beads was extremely easy to make once the first couple of rows are done. Hope you like it
  5. bahrain susie

    Make Jewellery issue 32 challenge winner!

    Congratulations Wendy! Your bracelet is lovely and so very season to boot. Hope you enjoy wearing it.
  6. Groan - mother-in-law decided I wouldn't want my copy of MJ until I next visit the UK so didn't bring it with her when she flew in last thursday.... I'm glad hubby was there otherwise I might have killed her! Ah well at least I have something to look forward to in the spring.
  7. bahrain susie

    polymer clay flower ring

    Its beautiful - love the pinish blush, the rose look almost real. You must have loads of patience to make something so small. What did you use to varnish the clay?
  8. bahrain susie

    necklace with focal lampie

    Love the colours, the focal bead; is very pretty and you've set it off beautifully.
  9. bahrain susie

    Beaded Bracelet

    And my other half is convinced I'm the only one with unfinshed projects... my trouble is I have taken them with me wherever we go - they have probably sailed a few thousand miles in the Med as well as being shipped around the Middle East more recently!
  10. bahrain susie

    Really simple makes for upcoming fairs

    Gosh you have been busy! They may be simple but they are lovely and I'm sure they will be snapped up. I have a similar task to do for a fund raising event here in Dubai just before Christmas, must get on with it!
  11. The earrings are a great idea for using up beads and the colours are great.
  12. bahrain susie

    Beaded Bracelet

    Thx everyone for your kind comments. Ronnie I'm a bit obsessive about finishing what I start when it comes to jewellery or card making, mainly because I have several knitting projects that can be measured in years rather than inches completed which the other half teases me about frequently! So with my jewellery if I get stuck I leave it on my bench until I'm inspired to finish it off or I unpick it. This means that to avoid running out of workspace I have to do something with it sooner rather than later. That said I have a few pieces which weren't quite as sucessful as I would want and are in stashed away under my bench. Every so often I get them out to see if I can "fix" or recycle them.
  13. bahrain susie

    nautical earrings and necklace

    Love the anchors. Where did you find the stripey heart?
  14. bahrain susie

    Been a busy bee

    They are lovely, glad they have been popular with your friends. Good luck with the move and hope you achieve your goal of raising enough to fund a car.
  15. Gosh the bar has been set high this time, there are some lovely entries. Here is my entry, Christmas Princess. It's based on the cross weave project (p69) but using slightly smaller red glass beads and a rhodium plated pendant reminiscent of a poinsettia to give a seasonal feel. Good luck everyone and thanks for the challenge I really enjoyed it.
  16. bahrain susie

    New One or Two!!

    Ronnie your chainmaille goes from strength to strength I love your inventiveness. And I simply love the butterfly necklace. I have a couple of similar buterflies in my stash (an MJ freebie from ages ago?) and you've inspired me to dig them out and make something with them.
  17. bahrain susie

    turned one of my bead rings into .....

    Very clever and effective
  18. bahrain susie

    been a long time coming...

    Its absolutely gorgeous, I'm sure someone will snap it up in no time at all. Well done for finishing the project.
  19. Both necklaces are gorgeous. I love making the fastening part of the focal point of a necklace, some clasps are just too pretty to hide at the back.
  20. bahrain susie

    bead rounds

    What a clever idea and they look so pretty too.
  21. bahrain susie

    Going to miss MJ magazine :(

    Good luck with your new venture! Moving abroad is such fun. I get my MJ mag subscription delivered to my MILs and pick up the issues when I visit the UK. Where in the States are you going? I found some great bead shops in Austin Tx when I was there for a several weeks last year.
  22. bahrain susie

    Sizzix Paddle Punch winner!

    Congratulations Debbie!
  23. bahrain susie

    Wine glass charms

    I bet they will be popular as they look so lovely and bright.
  24. bahrain susie


    I used to have a massive storage box with all my beads in plastic bags or small plastic pots but it took too long to hunt for things I knew I had. Recently I discovered clear plastic shoe boxes which are very cheap and stack. One box per colour and its easy now to see what I have, should have done this long ago. Most of my findings and some seed beads I store in Craft Mates locking caddy's, I have a stack of these on my workbench plus a holdall so I can take some with me when I travel. The other useful storage I have is a couple of boxes containing 18 small storage boxes (the small boxes are similar in size to those business cards come in) I got them in Hobby Craft in the UK a few years ago. However they have a downside as they are not clear enough to easily make out what is in them without pulling the small boxes out of their holder....must remember to label them sometime! Here in the Middle East organza gift bags are quite cheap too so each piece I finish whether its for me or a gift for a friend it goes into a bag and I have a smart faux-leather covered CD box to store these in.
  25. bahrain susie

    Knotted Earrings

    I've had another attempt at coiling this afternoon and come up with these earrings. Two 3 inch coils of dark green craft wire threaded onto SP wire, knotted and loops put in each end of the wire. The tiny shell charms are from a previous trip to SA and I've been dying to use them for ages. That'll be my limit for coiling this week as my fingertips are now quite sore and I'm beginning to understand why a coiling gadget could be useful!