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    Thank-you Goose!
  2. bahrain susie

    Spectacle cords

    They are really pretty - if it was me I'd snap up all three so I could change them around depending on mood or outfit! I used to think spectacle chains were for old ladies now I love a bit of useful bling ..... but perhaps now I'm an old lady :-)
  3. bahrain susie

    Jubilee challenge any craft closes 8th June

    Some lovely makes so far and you've all set the bar very high but I'm off to put my thinking cap on...
  4. bahrain susie

    My first Tiara

    Have to agree with Chris - WOW! That really is a statement piece who was the lucky recipient? I bet it looks amazing on.
  5. bahrain susie

    More Earrings

    Two sets of earrings completed my creative day - I've been wanting to use some tiny quartz cubes that have been in my stash for ages as I loved the colours and I loved the rectangular design earrings when I spotted them in a book on my shelf unfortunately I couldn't combine one with the other as the quartz cubes had minute holes so I couldn't thread them onto the wire. Nothing lost I decided to string them on some tiger tail instead. The other earrings were simply me being a bit indulgent for myself having got my precious store of sterling silver wire out. They were easily made from a length of wire (hence my spoiling myself) and some small crystal bicones - so quick and easy I think I'll be trying some more.
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    Well done Gaynor it was a well deserved win and Thank-You MT for organising this one. I really enjoyed this one and it got me to reuse a skill I learnt ages ago that of button knots to make a piece I have worn almost every day since! S
  7. bahrain susie

    Copper Knots

    Had a inspired day at my work table today trying to make some Danish knots in copper wire. The first knot was a bit open as the mandrel I used ( a wooden spoon handle) proved to be a bit too big for the gauge of the wire but, loathe to waste it, threaded on another length of wire it made a useful focal piece for a necklace whilst my next two attempts were just right for a pair of earrings to go with it. Hope you like them S
  8. bahrain susie

    Button Bracelet

    Having not made anything for ages I was inspired to make a bracelet from some buttons I bought yesterday whilst showing a friend around the Haberdashery Souk. The beads were cheap and plastic but I loved the anchor design and together with the blue buttons have made something to wear with a nautical theme. If you'd like to make one yourself see my blog (link below) for the recipe Hope you like it. S
  9. bahrain susie

    More jellybean bracelets.....

    These are a great idea and I love your colour choices. Hope they do well for you.
  10. bahrain susie

    Sunday beading

    Love the colours, they remind me of the beach. Hope you find time for some more Sunday sessions ;-)
  11. bahrain susie


    Squeezing in before the close.... here is my oriental pendant - the green & blue enamelled doughnut pendant has been in my stash for ages. It reminded me of the Ancient Chinese bi-disks which represented heaven (and sometimes earth) so this challenge was a great excuse to use it. I've strung it on silky thread using Chinese button knots combined with silver coloured beads. Good luck to everyone!
  12. bahrain susie

    Grrrrrrrufffff - meet Fido!!!!

    Looks like you had fun making Fido but I love the Champagne Supernova beads best, they are gorgeous
  13. bahrain susie

    Button Bracelet

    Thx for all the compliments, this was my first button creation but I'm definitely going to have a go at some more shortly
  14. bahrain susie


    Hi I have a book on my shelves that has a range of techniques in it including some gorgeous but simple stitchwork and good clear diagrams of how to stitch beads though not all the projects are wearable jewellery. It's called "great beaded gifts" by Linda Gettings, published by Sterling who are American, ISBN 978-1-4027-3385-7. I bought it in S Africa a couple of years ago but I'd guess you could find it online somewhere. S
  15. What a lovely way to cheer up a rainy day!
  16. bahrain susie


    Can feel the inspirational juices starting to flow but I'm off to the desert for a week so can not do anything creative until I return... plenty of thinking time though!
  17. bahrain susie

    One colour only challenge winners are........

    Congrats to you all it must have been a tough one to judge and many thx to PInkPuppy for the challenge
  18. Here is my entry - an all white necklace... I'd been wondering for ages what to do with these white moon shapes when this challenge came along and inspired me to make something that would be a bit of fun to wear! The ribbon was re-purposed from a couple of those annoying loops manufacturers stitch inside t-shirts etc.
  19. Here is my Seaside Bracelets entry for the Nature Challenge. It was inspired by recent trip to our local beach. I used some shells I found on the beach (complete with convenient holes, thx Mother Nature!), some of the blue glass beads given away with a previous issue of MJ plus a few other bits and pieces including some oddments of shell I had already. The blue bracelet base is simply a length of crocheted waxed cotton with various dangles including a beach shell, a couple of more polished pieces of shell from my stash and some blue glass beads to represent the colour of the sea here in Arabian Gulf. The brown one (more waxed cotton) includes 2 mother of pearl buttons and I "caged" a tiny shell in wire, while the silver one I made a little oversized then used pliers to create a "wave" effect all round. Hope you like them....
  20. Sounds like a fab challenge - will see what I can do without my copy of April's MJ which will be waiting for me when I visit Blighty in a couple of months time...
  21. bahrain susie

    Make Jewellery issue 35 challenge winner!

    Congratulations elcia987! Hope your mum enjoys your gorgeous make, it was a well deserved winner of this challenge.
  22. Wow there are some stunning entries to this challenge! Despite the stiff competition I was inspired to make something related to Spring but influenced by one of the projects in issue 35 "rings of fire" (page 56). I loved the idea of interlocking rings in sparkly beads but wanted something I could wear during the day so raided my stash and found some sparkly bicones in a couple of fresh spring green shades. Then I adapted the earring pattern to suit the bits and pieces I had left over. This is my first make in ages as my workroom had to become a guest bedroom whilst we had a series of visitors enjoying our winter sun. Hope you like it and good luck everyone! S
  23. bahrain susie

    Advice on Selling

    Hi It was suggested to me ages ago to work on three things to calculate the price of an item: First work out how much the components cost you to buy Second how much time did you actually spend making the piece (don't count fiddling around trying to learn a new technique in this part) Thirdly know your market and check on the various places you might sell the piece to see what others are selling similar items for. The basic cost should be the first plus the second multiplied by your hourly rate and use the third as a guide to how much extra you can mark up your piece (ie your profit). Hope that helps S
  24. bahrain susie

    Friendship Bracelet Help

    Hi A belated welcome from me! I think the knot you may be looking for is called a Crown Knot. It can be used to make spirals or if you alternate the knot direction squarish lengths of lanyard. see some examples here: http://www.free-macrame-patterns.com/lanyard-knots.html and here: http://www.itstactical.com/skillcom/knots/knot-of-the-week-crown-knot/ All you need to do to add beading is to thread on beads as you knot so they lie on each side of the work. Hope that helps S
  25. bahrain susie


    What a lovely design. The green one is gorgeous somehow the colour makes the silver really zing but have to agree the purple one looks a bit flat in comparison and I'm a purple fan too. Wonder why purple doesn't go with silver so well as green does? Glad to hear you sold them both and have another ordered.