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    A Rather Random Few Days

    The head pins are gunmetal coloured. I've never seen them on sale but they came in a job lot of stuff I bought recently on eBay. The earring wires are are a similar but lighter colour from the same source. Mother-in-Law loves these too and wore them to an event she attended last night as matched her blouse perfectly! Will have to make another pair for me now.
  2. bahrain susie

    Hi I'm new

    Welcome Karen! I too lurked here for quite a while. My bead stash was initially a large assortment of glass beads purchased in bulk plus stuff I'd hoarded as a child (all my female relatives' broken necklaces seemed to find their way to me). After that I bought job lots on eBay and elsewhere to build up a wide range quickly partly because where I live beads and findings are difficult to find. Like lots of the previous posts I use these to inspire me. But I do go out and buy for specific projects, often though inspired by something else in my hoard and usually end up coming home with more than I went out for.
  3. bahrain susie

    My latest makes

    Love the grey earrings!
  4. bahrain susie

    Busy busy busy!!!!!

    Lovely things... I'll be popping over to your Facebook page! :-)
  5. bahrain susie

    My First Makes

    Welcome - I love the pretty set.
  6. bahrain susie

    Excuse for New Holiday Clothes?

    How many of us have done this recently - I was looking through my beads for something summery so I could have a new necklace for my summer hols and came up with some zingy blue and yellow beads...the only trouble is the result doesn't match anything in my wardrobe (unless I wear black) so it looks like I need a new t-shirt or two!
  7. bahrain susie

    Help re drills..

    Hi I'd love to know how to use a drill too. Hubby has a Dremel with lots of attachments which he has neveer used and says I can acquire but like you I'm not sure of the how and what. Perhaps this could be a topic for a future issue of Make Jewellery?
  8. bahrain susie

    Budget makes

    I know what you mean. I have had a book on Chinese knots on my shelf for ages (bought cos I used to love macrame!!). When we moved earlier this year I found it again and more recently decided to give it a go... within minutes I was hooked. Even my first practise sampler in cream rat tail with a couple of button knots and a single blonde, wooden bead looked great. Now back in the UK but can't wait to get home and try making something wearable.
  9. bahrain susie

    Help with gift box

    Hi I love Paperchase boxes for special presents and they usually have some great tissue paper ideas too. The other place I look for very special gft wrapping is John Lewis. I love the colours of your makes, your Mum is very lucky to have you!
  10. bahrain susie

    3D Beaded Seahorse tutorial to share!

    Cute... I love seahorses but I'm not certain my skills are up to this yet!
  11. bahrain susie

    Suppliers in Portsmouth

    Hi I want to colour match some existing beads so thought as I was back in the UK briefly, I would visit a local bead shop but it appears the one in Portsmouth city centre has gone out of business. Any recommendations of anywhere else locally? Thx S
  12. bahrain susie

    Suppliers in Portsmouth

    Thx. Southampton could be a bit of a challenge as my main transport is currently a bike or a sailing boat (or both)... will let you know if I get to Southampton.
  13. bahrain susie

    tropicana cuff attempts

    Agree with Pinkpuppy.. it has inspired me to have a go too
  14. bahrain susie

    Ok, Im being brave...my first makes :)

    Love the ring!
  15. bahrain susie

    4 New makes I'm so addicted now

    Love the black one
  16. bahrain susie

    Blue Choker

    Hi All Had a go at making my first choker today, inspired by the blue silk top I was wearing I used up a bunch of sky blue beads. It's my first attempt at using multiple interconnected strings but in fact proved simple to do once I'd decided on the overall length and do the maths to space out the vertical bars evenly. It looks better on than lying flat for the photo though.
  17. bahrain susie

    Blue Choker

    Thank-you all for your kind messages
  18. bahrain susie

    Button bracelets made with my prize from Sophielogue2

    Love the one with the green buttons - great colours
  19. bahrain susie

    Beading in Bahrain

    Hi All I'm new to the forum and have recently moved to Bahrain too. I brought loads and loads of beads with me from the UK together with all my equipment but would love to be able to source beads and findings locally. Any ideas? Susie Juffair, Bahrain
  20. bahrain susie

    Beading in Bahrain

    Thank Maggie I hope so too S
  21. bahrain susie

    Beading in Bahrain

    I tried Google first but nothing local listed and I've been warned that importing stuff can be subject to long delays so was hoping someone might have found some sources in the local souks etc that they can point me to. S