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    Stinky Pete - Toy Story 2

    Hi my name is Brenda and i enjoy going on thie website although i am more of a knitter than a craft person. Has any one seen the pattern for Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2. I understand that it might be only available in America so i have been on a few of their websites. Have tried all my local knitting shops for it have any of you either seen the pattern or could offer me some advice as to where to try for it. The pattern is for my grandson who loves him.
  2. brenda1946

    Stinky Pete - Toy Story 2

    Thanks Buzy - I will look up Pixar and see if i can find an e-mail address and try. In the meantime i have a picture of what he looks like and have one i made up with a friend a long time ago of the Maro Brothers from the game. We make a pattern up and with a little bit of adjustment and looking for a pattern for the beard and hat will have a go and see what happens and adjust any mistakes when making a second one.
  3. brenda1946

    Mrs Brenda Briggs

    My name is Brenda Briggs and i live in Stretford. I belong to a knitting group call Knitty Whitts. We meet every Sat morning at our local library across the road from our local shopping centre called Stretford Mall. We meet at 10.00 - 12,00. We used to meet every other Sat but sometimes we could not remember which Sat (if we had been away) so we made it every Sat. Sometimes there are 15/20 and other time maybe 7 or 8. Some of our members belong to another Sat knitting group which meets the Sat we didnt .We not only accept knitters but one or two sometimes crochet instead. We swap hints, wool and patterns, we recently had a young girl and her mother join us .
  4. You all seem to be knitting alsorts of items. I have been staring early for children in need and christmas. I have just finished knitting my 4th christmas nativity set for the school, Everytime a teacher either retires or leaves to go to a new school they ask if they can take it with them. I then have to knit a new one for the new teacher. The same applies to my grandson in Ireland each time he moves up i have to knit a new one for his teacher.