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    I voted and learnt something new. Since I never look at the shopping channels (always got disney cinemagic or nick jnr on) I was not even aware you could get craft stuff off them.
  2. sparkle263

    Fairy card !

    That is really pretty and it has a real vintage feel also with the lovely colours you used. x
  3. sparkle263

    my latest make

    Thats really good. lol at your response to your hubby. Mine moans at me saving every little thing on the off chance I may use it on a card. What did you use for the lettering?
  4. sparkle263

    2 handbag cards

    Sorry if I sound a bit thick but what is a robo? As I said im new to card making and do not know much about the gadget side of things yet.
  5. sparkle263

    Card Making Tips?

    Forgot to add this yesterday. It is more money saving tips than anything. I look around carboots and jumble sales and pick up broken jewellery and brooches for as little as and use the beads, pendants and broach fronts as embelishments. You can sometimes find people clearing out their own craft collections also which is handy for a beginner like me.
  6. sparkle263

    2 handbag cards

    They are lovely. Did you use something to do your handbags or did you cut them by hand?
  7. sparkle263

    Look What Ava has Made

    They are very pretty. :-)
  8. sparkle263

    Card Making Tips?

    Ok I havent been crafting long and I apologise if these have already been posted but I buy the packs of birthday paper sheets and use as backing paper. YOu can sometimes get big sheets for as little as 45p and you can get some really nice patterns. I find that is the best way to get backing paper for mens cards. Also I go around the diy stores and take samples of wallpaper as it is free and you get some different patterns. Also ask friends when they redecorate to save you the left over wallpaper and borders. :-) They might even get a matching thank you card for their trouble.