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  1. sparkle263

    50% off La Pashe Products

    ooooh I now have a massive £1 credit to spend. lol
  2. sparkle263

    Bright painted card

    I love the bright colours. It could b raining outside but if you look at that you just think of sunshine. x
  3. sparkle263

    Beatrix Potter card

    That s really pretty. I love how girly it is in a understated way
  4. sparkle263

    Some from me

    They are lovely. x
  5. sparkle263

    My first ever commission

    Well done. It is a fab card, I love the colours.
  6. sparkle263

    Sophie and family

    Gorgeous dogs. They are one of my fave breeds.
  7. sparkle263

    50% off La Pashe Products

    That is really good. I love the stuff there and I even ordered a few bits. I cannot wait to start playing. :-)
  8. sparkle263

    A Different kind of jewellery/bead swap- sign up by 15th June

    You have all made some fab makes there.
  9. sparkle263


    I had loads of fun tonight I tried something new and had a go at painting my peel offs with watercolour paints. I have never been artistic or any good at any type of art but this was really fun. I had real fun and just wanted to share. I now have a whole bunch of cute toppers I can use on cards made with peel offs which I had no idea how to use as they looked so dull before on just paper and card. I know you lot probably do stuff like this already but I am soooo pleased I have found something new to do. Bonus I now how 3 gorgeous butterflies to use on my mums birthday card which are extra special. I wanted to do something involving butterflies as she is crazy about them. I will post pictures of the completed card tomorrow when I finish it. :-)
  10. sparkle263

    A couple more of mine

    I made these cards for my auntie about 3 weeks ago just about 2 weeks into my card making. One is from me and one is from my mum. They all went on holiday for her birthday and my mum took my camera so I could not upload these before now.
  11. sparkle263

    July Tag Swap - Poll Closes 25/06

    can I join this one please? Also what size do they need to be?
  12. sparkle263

    Latest makes

    lovely cards :-)
  13. Thanks Sequin. I really enjoy making cards for challenges as it makes me have ot think more about what I am making and pushes me to try different things.
  14. sparkle263

    New Baby

    That is really pretty. No doubt that will be on display for a long time. I still have a card that came with my sons names on it on display in his bedroom and he is nearly 3.
  15. sparkle263

    Card made using an image from Natalie

    love the colours you used.
  16. sparkle263

    Postage Stamps as Decoration?

    I would love to see what you are going to do with them.
  17. sparkle263

    die cut card - young girl

    That is lovely. I have a few of the kanban toppers and I think they are great.
  18. sparkle263

    A few of my cards (finally)

    Here are a few of my cards. I have only been making cards for 4 weeks and have a limited stash of stuff. I did buy some stuff about 2 years ago but we put our house on the market so it all got packed away until now. I have been rapidly obsessed with this and once I have put my son to bed out comes the cards. He is also showing a big passion for cardmaking and he is only 2. Thanks for looking and I hope you like them. :-)
  19. sparkle263

    A few of my cards (finally)

    Thanks everyone. Just realised it was more like 5 weeks actually. I am really enjoying making cards and I feel really mean because I really look forward to my two year old going to bed so I can get the stuff out and have a play. Though we do have craft sessions together some days and he is really good. He tells me which of my cards he dont like either. He is my biggest critic. lol
  20. sparkle263

    Hobbycraft bargins

    Same here ours is about 8miles away but it may as well be 100 as I cannot afford to go at the moment
  21. sparkle263

    Birthday Bookmark Gift

    That is really pretty. Im sure she will love that.
  22. Here is my entry. I used the white fairies as I really wanted to use the little boy as I think he is really cute.
  23. sparkle263


    Thats lovely. Is a piece of art not just a card.
  24. sparkle263

    stargazer lily

    thats beautiful. x
  25. sparkle263


    sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but can someone please tell me how I upload photos. It keeps telling me my php setings are wrong or something. Thanks