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  1. sparkle263

    Butterfly ATC

    Thanks Sequin.
  2. sparkle263

    Baby Boy

    Love the image used on this I also love it i the pink though.
  3. sparkle263

    Recent makes

    lovely cards
  4. sparkle263

    Gala Day News

    Thats fab news. Im not surprised you cards sold well as they are always beautiful. I do think people who take the time out to go to fairs and fetes like that ar normally more willing to pay for a handmade card. Congrats and I hope to hear of you doing more. x
  5. sparkle263

    Two words game

    law breaker
  6. sparkle263

    Two words game

    Work Time
  7. sparkle263

    Newbie saying Hi

    First of all HI and congrats on your upcoming wedding. x I am currently planning mine also for 2012. I am also very new to crafting but getting quickly obsessed. These are a few things im doing to save money and personalise it. 1: Make all my own stationary inc invites, table plan, place cards. 2: Creating a matching signature board for my guests to sign. There is plenty more things you can do but it helps if you have decided a theme or a colour scheme decided or know what time of the year you are getting married as this can really help with your designs. x
  8. sparkle263

    Second wedding commission card x

    Gorgeous. I love the real vintage feel it has to it.
  9. sparkle263

    my latest makes

    Gorgeous cards and all so different.
  10. sparkle263

    Fathers day card

    Lovely card. I struggle with mens card but you seem to have got the cute yet manly look going well there. x
  11. sparkle263

    Hello Everybody

    Your cards are fab I especially love the pram ones.Your cards are brilliant. I would love a craft robo in the future but I am still mastering the basics of card making as only started couple of months ago. Your gandaughters are beautiful and what a good campaign to be involved with. I had read about that myself and was hoping that something to do with staff levels on the nicu wards would be mentioned as my little boy was prem as well. x
  12. sparkle263

    Butterfly ATC

    thats lovely. very simple yet elegant. Whats an ATC?
  13. sparkle263

    Vintage easel card

    lovely colours.
  14. sparkle263

    house mouse card

    fab card. looks like your enjoying your new pens.
  15. sparkle263

    Birthday Card for his Daddy

    fab card hun. hes really good. x
  16. sparkle263

    Summer time cards

    They are beautiful. I coloured in the second image you used last night (my first attempt with my markers) and think I used some of the same colours as you. :-)
  17. sparkle263

    Magnolia sitting pretty card

    Thats lovely. I think those magnolia stamps are fab. You are getting really good with the pro marker pens. Do you use a blender pen on things like the dungarees to make them shaded?
  18. sparkle263


    I know the feeling glitter. Im looking at pictures and keep thinking oooh if I had that colour.
  19. sparkle263

    Happy Birthday

    Could I just ask please, what type of glue do yo use for your flower heads and gems? Thanks
  20. sparkle263


    Ok so they arrived yesterday and I had a fab time last night colouring. Ok so at the minute the only bit of shading im doing is with their hair and giving their cheeks a bit of colour but it is getting there. @ Sequin yes its the magnolia stamps I meant. I have got one image pre stamped of this which im hoping to use later when I make my friends daughter a 1st birthday card.
  21. sparkle263

    makes from the other night

    Here are a few of my cards. Three of them were for birthdays. The butterfly mum one was for mum as she is butterfly mad. I handpainted some peeloffs with watercolour paints then cut them ou and stuck one flat and the lower 2 were raised with foam pads. She was really happy with this saying she hoped I would use the butterflies on her as she saw them after I had painted them. (she is my number one fan and always looks at my stuff without asking to give me praise. lol. maybe i should remember to hide them in future.) The other butterfly one was for my mum of my little boy. She isnt nana or grandma she is mamma ( we say mam a lot) to him so incorporated that. This card is nothing how I imagined it to be at the beginning but it looked good and she loved it. The duck one was for my brothers ex wife. we are still close friends and round where we live we say "you alrite duck" a lot so thought that would be fun. The other two were just a bit of practise at basic stamping for me. Hope you like them. :-)
  22. sparkle263


    I was in my local home bargains today and they have 24 compartment craft boxes for £2.49. Then small ones for crystals at 69p. I bought a load as my craft stock was all over the place. They also had wooden stamps at 19p each and small punches at 39p each. I will take some photos later. :-)
  23. sparkle263

    makes from the other night

    Thanks for your comments everyone. x