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    New craft room,

    That looks fab. My stuff is strewn all over the house at the moment but one we have finished decorating my plan is to turn our spare room into a craft room. Just getting a bed settee in there incase we do have guests. Do not know if I will use one though as I must admit I enjoy crafting on the sofa whilst watching my fave programmes. :-)
  2. sparkle263

    baby cards made yesterday

    so cute. x
  3. sparkle263

    2nd go with pro-markers

    thanks. i will try that see how it works. x
  4. sparkle263

    Engagement Card

    very nice
  5. sparkle263

    2nd go with pro-markers

    Thanks for the tip. Do you have to wait until the first layer is dry?
  6. sparkle263

    Two words game

    runner bean
  7. sparkle263

    Does anyone know...

    Found the windmills here http://www.wightcat.com/crafts/irisfolding.htm
  8. can you sign me up afterall please.
  9. sparkle263


    I know this is a long shot and very very cheeky but I will ask anyway. I was wondering if anyone had any of the magnolia images stamped that they may be willing to swap me. Its a bit of an urgent appeal ok a bit melodramatic but hey I will explain. My friends daughter turns 1 on Friday ad I had made her a card up with a stamped image I had bought. I had bought some off ebay because they came with at least 1 tilda image and it did only come with one. Anyway I made up the card and my partner was looking at it tonight and managed to somehow spill his coffee down it so it cannot be used anymore. The reason I wanted one of these images as the little girls name is Matilda. Anyway I would not be able to get any off ebay in time so thought I would ask if any of you ladies could rescue me. If not I will have to think up something else. As I said though I do not mind swapping these I hope I can post this here and it is not against any rules. Thanks x
  10. sparkle263

    Mouse Card

    Lovely card. x
  11. sparkle263

    Rock Star Dude

    fab card. x
  12. sparkle263

    Two words game

    home life
  13. love the red and black together
  14. sparkle263

    Two words game

    spray gun
  15. sparkle263

    I just want to be me

    Hey hun, ((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Sorry to hear you are feeling down. Men can sometimes say the most hurtful things without realising it. Mine says similar things sometimes and I often lose it after little man has gone to bed. Most recently took to locking myself away and just making a few cards instead. Take care. xx I
  16. sparkle263

    Wise Old Owl

    very cute. I love owl images. I have a few myself but I am waiting to use them until I am a bit better as I do not want to waste them. lol
  17. sparkle263


    Great cards. I love the stamped image you used. I look forward to seeing our engagement card and possibley the wedding invites you may get asked to make. ;-)
  18. sparkle263

    2nd go with pro-markers

    Same here I do not have multiple shades of the same colour either so mine are also solid blocks. Tigger you are fab at your shading. I look forward to seeing the cards you make with them. x
  19. sparkle263

    Present Fairy

    That is so gorgeous. It looks so dainty and pretty. x
  20. sparkle263

    Josh Been Crafting AGAIN!

    You have a very talented little boy there. x
  21. sparkle263

    Father In Laws FD Card

    Great card. I love the image you used. I did a place decopauge for my step dad as well.
  22. sparkle263

    On a roll!

    Great cards. I love the one with the girl and the puppy.
  23. sparkle263

    Last weeks cards for Cancer Research.

    Fab cards. I really love the hippo toppers they are really cute.
  24. sorry I do not have any of these stamps so will sit this one out.
  25. sparkle263

    July Card Swap - CLOSED

    I will join in on this one if that is ok. I have a few butterfly things. :-)