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  1. sparkle263

    More butterfly rings :)

    They look fab. I had a go at doing some of them the other night (being laptop free has made me try jewellery) and they were a disaster. I love yours though.
  2. sparkle263


    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you all know I have not run off and forgotten about the swaps. My laptop has broke and has had to be sent back to be fixed. I was logged on one night and then suddenly my screen went blank and they have said it could take upto 4 weeks to fix. My brother has kindly lent me his laptop tonight so I can get addresses etc for the stuff I need to send out. I have received my card and a really nice rak in the butterfly card swap the other day. THANK YOU. I am borrowing the laptop again Friday night but just for an hour so if you are expecting something off me and it has not arrived by then just pm me on here incase have missed someone. Sorry if you thought I was some sort of a scammer. Hopefully I will be back posting regular again soon. x
  3. sparkle263


    Congrats. Never saw this thread before. You definitely deserve it you are always helpful with advice and do make fab cards. x
  4. sparkle263

    Isn't Life Strange?...

    Your poor cat things like that can really terrify them im glad you topped it in time. When my previous cat was about 17 he went missing as did a neighbours across the road at the same time (another oldie). Anyway after 3 days he turned up on the door step unable to move. When we took him to the vets he said someone had smashed his back leg really hard with what looked like a cricket bat. He was severely dehydrated also as it was high summer. He had managed to drag himself home though but he looked terribly thin. We were lucky enough to have his leg amputated and he was with us for nearly 3 years after though an indoor cat only (before we could not get him in the house) and every time he heard a loud noise he was ever so jumpy. Our neighbour was not so lucky. The same thing had happened to his cat but it was gone longer which meant the dehydration had caused kidney damage and he had to be pts. I get really angry over animal neglect and have had a few run ins with people over animal scaring myself. Sorry for the rant it just brought it all back as it is nearly 4 years since the incident and 2 years since we lost him.
  5. sparkle263

    first ever beaded flower!

    very pretty. Are you wearing it in a side tiara style?
  6. sparkle263

    turquoise chips and fresh water pearls

    pretty. I love the turqouise beads.
  7. sparkle263

    Chokers made from my own glass lampies!

    They are all stunning. Cannot believe you were able to make beads like that. My faves have to be the 2nd and last. I just love the colours on them.
  8. sparkle263


    They are all fab. I really love the bracelet and earrings though.
  9. sparkle263

    Precious moments

    fab card maggie. your craft robo makes always leave me speechless.
  10. sparkle263

    Totally uncraft related.

    Ok so we are planning to go away for a week later in the year as a family. This will be our first family holiday. Unfortunately I am not very well travelled and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of places in England that is nice for a family. I do not want anywhere like Skegness or Blackpool. We would love somewhere with a beach but also countryside so we can go for walks etc. With you ladies being spread around the country I thought you may be able to offer some suggestions.My only stipulation is it cant be anywhere to expensive. I am happy with somewhere that has static caravan parks. Thanks
  11. sparkle263

    Celtic Wedding Card

    That is lovely. I have been trying to think of celtic designs recently as my irish friend is getting married so may try something along those lines if you do not mind?
  12. sparkle263

    Tweet Tweet

    My sentiments exactly. Love the blueness of this one.
  13. sparkle263

    Mixed Luck - Photos of Goodies added today June 25th

    They are lovely. Fab stuff there. Glad you found out where they were from.
  14. sparkle263

    Speak to you all tomorrow

    At least its not only me that happens too.
  15. sparkle263


    Hiya, I have been really inspired by your jewellery makes and was wondering what "kit" would I need to have a go myself. I would want to try on something basic so would probaly start with handbag harms or something like that though was wondering what I would need to get me stated. Thanks.