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  1. CIW


    Well , I wore everything except the earrings as it made everything look OTT, so wore some rubies from my personal collection which put the emphasis on the fascinator. No photos as yet though!
  2. CIW

    Wanted! Beading questions for Make Jewellery

    I have seen pictures of clasps that go over the beads like fold over cord ends but have not found a site that sells them nor what they are called!
  3. CIW


    Thanks so much everyone. I will be wearing them Saturday so maybe some pics!
  4. CIW

    Gold and Olive wire knitted,crochet cuff

    I can see why you are chuffed, well done. I would like to have a go at crochet but I have all the stuff ready for a knitted wire item when I have time to get round to it!
  5. CIW

    my entries

    They are all lovely. A very interesting effect with the organza ribbon, did you wrap wire around or feed it through chain?
  6. CIW

    Handbag charms

    Perhaps you could adapt them a little and make phone charms too?
  7. CIW


    Made this yesterday, I had the poppy hair slide just added the beads! Also made these to go with them
  8. CIW

    Makes from a newbie

    Hi Kerry, Sorry for delay in replying. I put four different headpins onto a jump ring and one jump ring to each link on the bracelet chain. On the crystal ones I put four or five different headpins directly onto each bracelet link. I am thinking of making similar but into a necklace with maybe organza ribbon. Carol
  9. CIW

    Makes from a newbie

    Gosh, thanks. I don't know what to say! I will have to get my designer head on (if I can) and see what I can do next Many thanks again for your replies and a real morale boost Carol
  10. I love it, I love bracelets, it's inspired me to post some of mine Carol
  11. CIW

    three more from me

    They are really nice, what is the chain hanging from?
  12. Been lurking for a while, have made the odd post but thought I would post some pics of a few of the pieces I have made Dyed pink turquoise, dyed pink jade, rose quartz and Swarovski crystal necklace Lucite and glass pearl bracelets rainbow crystal 3 strand necklace Swarovski crystal bracelet Shell, crystal and glass pearl earrings and bracelets Hope you like them (does anyone know how to shrink the size of the pics?) Some inspired by magazine, others my own design
  13. CIW

    Wanted! Beading questions for Make Jewellery

    I have been experimenting at making my own jump rings. What is the best way to cut them as normal cutters tend to squash the ends so they don't fit together neatly?