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  1. Knithulu

    Pattern Confusion.

    Well that's silly why couldn't they have just written it out the same way?
  2. Knithulu

    Pattern Confusion.

    Thanks yes that does make sense. The next section is basically the same but says alt row instead of second row, do I do the same for that?
  3. Knithulu

    Pattern Confusion.

    I'm currently knitting the left front of a cardigan and I'm having some difficulty with the instructions for shaping the neck. The shaping starts on a wrong side row, at the neck edge and runs as follows: Cast off 14 sts patt to end. Next Row:patt. Work four rows casting off four sts at beg of next and foll 2nd row. To me this sounds like I'd be decreasing on the right side shoulder edge of the 2nd and 4th row. Surely not as I'm supposed to be shaping the neck? The next section is similar but talks about foll alt rows. I might just be being incredibly dumb but I am totally lost with this.
  4. Knithulu

    Jack frosthe

    I love this, you must be so skilled, whenever I try to make one of Alan Dart's figures (I'm assuming he's an Alan Dart, correct me if I'm wrong) they always end up looking as though they have had a horrible accident. I particularly admire his fingers, they look so dainty!
  5. Knithulu

    Help! Abbreviation confusion.

    I'm currently knitting All Dolled Up from the Woman's Weekly Best of Our Vintage Patterns and I'm having a little difficult with one of the pattern abbreviations. At one point the pattern instructs knitters to k1d, which the pattern information says k 1 st next row down. I'm confused, surely this is either going to create a dropped stitch/ladder or leave me with extra stitches. The pattern accounts for neither of these things.What does this mean and how should I do it?
  6. Knithulu

    Throwing it down Thursday

    Aloha. I find myself between projects having just finished a blanket that I've been knitting on and off for two years. I'm waiting for a bumper delivery from Deramores! I have almost finished the Classic Baby Bonnet from the August magazine, but there isn't going to be enough yarn to knit the icords and I don't have anything that matched in my stash. So frustrating!
  7. I'd love to knit with British Yarns, but yarn that comes from British Sheep, that is spun and dyed in Britain is just too expensive for me.
  8. Knithulu

    (Yet another) Sidney Owl

    I was hesitant to post, after seeing how many Sidney's there already were, but I am super chuffed with him. I think it's one of the best kits LK have supplied for a long time.
  9. Knithulu

    (Yet another) Sidney Owl

    Hello again! It's been a super long time since I posted here. I've been busy studying. However I will officially be finished Uni in less than two months now and I have most of my assessments complete. In saying that, knitting Sidney has prevented me from finishing an essay on punk music and feminism. I think Sidney is much more fun!
  10. Knithulu

    Sirdar slinky?

    Ohhh okay! I should've been able to work that out. I think I'll give that a try, thanks
  11. Knithulu

    Sirdar slinky?

  12. Knithulu

    Sirdar slinky?

    I have thought about that, I can get funky fur from deramores, but I've never used a fake fur (is it called eyelash? I have no idea) yarn before. Wouldn't it look really obvious?
  13. Knithulu

    Sirdar slinky?

    I'm not sure, because the pattern uses 10mm needles for the fur collar but I see from your link that funky fur is knitted on 4mm needles. I'd never use funky fur for anything else so I'm not sure I want to buy it if it wont work :-S I really want to knit the jacket though
  14. Knithulu

    Sirdar slinky?

    I'm trying to track down this yarn for a cardigan/jacket knit (it forms the collar of the jacket), but it's really hard to find. Does anyone know where I can buy it, or where I can find an alternative yarn? There's a link below to the sirdar page for this yarn. Sirdar Slinky
  15. Knithulu

    Beret 0-6mths

    Snuggly Dk is supposed to be the most popular baby yarn in the UK, but I'm not so sure, it is lovely and snuggly and soft, but I have had major problems getting the tension right with it. It is lovely and snuggly and soft though ... *sigh*