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  1. Amo_Angelus

    Greetings and salutations

    Greetings to one and all. My name is Angel, I'm 27 years old and apparently I created an account here 4 years ago! Not a clue when, don't remember doing it, don't even know if I posted anything, I doubt I did though. But this time I'm actually looking for a multi-craftual forum. I'm currently working on a cross stitch birth sampler, a knitted lace hat, I've got scones rising in the oven and I'm currently looking into ideas for a scrapbook, which is how I found you guys. I was looking for a forum that works with all my crafts so I can get help and advice, but also to meet new people and just discuss the joys of crafting.
  2. Amo_Angelus

    Craft knife help?

    I love papercrafting, it was my first crafty passion and one I still enjoy doing now, but it's also the one craft I rarely get to enjoy. Why? Well I cannot seem to find a comfortable cutting aparatus! Seriously, the search is getting ridiculous now. The problem is I'm heavy handed. I have a tight grip when trying to be precise and the result is that I hurt my fingers with virtually all my cutting devices. I love craft knives and I really really want to find a comfortable one, but they all seem to be of a stanly knife shape and not at all comfortable for me to use with precision. I was wondering (Hoping and praying) if someone knew of a craft knife that resembled a pen in it's size and shape, a big bulky pen perhaps, but pen-like?
  3. *sneaks in and settles in a rather shadey corner and hides behind her pillow* Hello...I'm very, very new. I literally learned to knit last weekend. Please don't bite me. My name's Angel and I'm 22 years old from England. I do a lot of craft work, although my main one is cross stitch. I won tickets through cross stitcher magazine and found myself down in London for the Stitch & Craft show where a very nice lady at the Crafts Club sofas offered to teach me to knit. I haven't knitted since I was....under 8! But I vaguely remember enjoying it, until my sister and I found out that wool makes a very good spiders web and that our babysitter couldn't navigate her way through it and my mum banned wool in the house...cotton didn't work as well So I sat down and she went to look for pink wool for me. She ended up bringing me lilac as there was no pink left, although she was so eager to get me into it she did try and bring me a pink ball...someone else happened to be attached to it though So I got started and she was really nice and really patient and I really enjoyed it. I didn't actually make anything, just learned a few stitches. Cast on, knit, Purl and cast off. But there's a local knitting club and I asked them if I could join, well they said yes and I nervously joined them on Saturday. They were very welcoming and gave me bigger needles and explained other things such as different yarn weights and techniques and gave me a free pattern too! This is what I've done See? Nothing special, but the wool is my sisters favourite colour, so I currently have a scarf on the go for my little sister.