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    Tired Tuesday

    been a crazy sort of day for me too... Mainly being on the phone for an hour and 10 minues to Sky and nearly blowing up at them - ordered phone and broadband 7 weeks ago, being given the run around for weeks and it's always been me calling them not the otherway round (even though I asked for them to call me 3 times) and in the end ended up being told it would take another 5 weeks before I would get it set up. So cancelled it all and going back with Vigin ;[ so pee'd off as I went with Sky because of problems with Virgin! |But at least we had the bleeding product *rant rant rant* anyways, knittign club tonight! Looking forward to it, although didn't get anywhere near to finishing off my square last night. Why is it I never seem to have any time in the evenings anymore??? Anyways, will be good ^^
  2. boris_knit_knit

    Lacy baby shawl

    I agree! Looks so amazing! I think it'll e a while yet before I start on something like that
  3. boris_knit_knit

    father and son from issue 35 and alan dart mouse

    heehee I think I'll get to him soon! He's happy with knitted scarves and stuff so at least thats one thing!
  4. boris_knit_knit

    Intarsia kniting?

    If you just want it for advise I have always found YouTube a fantastic source of help
  5. boris_knit_knit

    father and son from issue 35 and alan dart mouse

    Awesome jumper I wish the BF would wear something I knit for him... but being still young (my semi toyboy! he's 23 ) he doesn't like a lot of the patterns I have for mens jumpers... I'll wait for him to hit 30 then once he's well and truely under the thumb (lol!) I'll force him to wear them!!
  6. boris_knit_knit

    Chunky Baby Cardi

    Lovely! so cute
  7. boris_knit_knit

    knitted mobile phone cover with crochet flower

    That's so nice Great that the next generation is knitting! I remember knitting my teddy bears hats and scarves at that age! Well before mobile phones were popular and the Gameboy was a brick then!!
  8. boris_knit_knit

    Good Morning Monday

    I cannot believe what a glourious morning it is here in Manchester! Beautiful Autumn morning - cold and crisp but so sunny. I think we had a bit of frost too, not sure yet... but it's getting closer. Well the weekend was usual for me... my BF works horrible shifts so he was working nearly all weekend (and he works most evenings too) so been feeling completely bummed out about not seeing him. He's a trained graphic designer but because of the market right now he's had to take on a retail job. He hates it but it pays the bills. But currently wondering if it's all worth it? We probally have 2 evenings together a week (which we're both usually so tired we don't do anything) and maybe 1 or 2 full days a month. We have a gorgeous house, and lots of luxeries (SKY+ HD tv, lots of games consoles, lots of DVDs etc) but we never have time to watch/play them together bah. I know it's going to improve and the markets pick up but it's so hard on us both! Anyways... Knitting related, wanted to finish one of my argyle patches over the weekend but ended up pottering around doing other things so only got 3/4's done... pretty disapointed in myself! Going to blast it out tonight as tomorrow is my knitting group meeting and want to show something to them!
  9. boris_knit_knit

    Ferocious Friday

    I['m currently a walking zombie at work... completely full of cold/flu. Certainly feels like it's mild flu Got a thick hoodie one with the hood uop, a scarf and gloves (fingerless so I can type!) and the heater on full blast under my desk and still cold! :'( But because I've not worked the past 3 Fridays (booked off as holidays) I really didn't want to take the mick and ring in sick. So pretty much dead lying across my desk not beign able to do much. Also lost my voice - tried to take a client call... was half amusing as the client is Malaysian so didn't understand me at all!! Anyway, thr BF's band didn't get through the BotB heat but they were against 3 amazing bands. The final vote ended up with only 2 points seperating them all (they're all marked out of 50!! so it shows how close they were). But good news is the organiser thought his band were good enough to be in the next round so they've been given another chance and will be entered in another heat against some other bands. Apparently if the other bands are anythign like the others from the previous heats their band should be fine! Rain here in Manchester, as usual. I've never lived in a place where it rains so much!!
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    1st Christmas Gnome!

    arrrr! so cute! awesome
  11. boris_knit_knit


    I AGREE!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Me three!!!!
  12. boris_knit_knit

    Tranquil Thursday

    Just found out I'm going to be on the radio next week! whoooo! *excited*
  13. boris_knit_knit

    Tranquil Thursday

    ahhh just finished lunch - fallen in love with salads from Pret! So amazing, but really full now xD just want to sleep but stil got 4 odd hours to go *sobs* So the battle of the bands is tonight. Looking forward to it, although the BF's band is not getting on too well right now (artist differences?) so will have to see what happens! eep Knitting - the throw is progressing. Halfway through my first patch. Want to get at least one done a week so it can be finished for Christmas Changing colours is getting easier - it's all about getting the right tension when joining a new colour. Once this throw is done might branch out and give fair isle a go (something I've wanted to do for years!) Really feeling like my knitting is getting much better. In the group I go to people think I must be amazing cause I was taught when I was about 5 but there was a huge gap between the age of 10 - 20 where I didn't knit anything! But feeling like I can show people now how to do the simpiler stitches now yeeeeay!
  14. boris_knit_knit

    Where's Everyone Wednesday?

    ahh well been a usual day at work, sneaking a quick look in here before I carry on for the last hour long leg... Excited to walk past a potentially new yarn shop this morning... going to be a right nosey neighbour and have a look tomorrow to see when it opens! Still got a terrible cold so not been too enthusiastic knit wise, going to try and give it a bit of a big go tonight and try and get as much of my first square for the throw done tonight... The BF has battle of the bands tomorrow night, he's very nervous as this is the first time he's entered one as a singer... his old band in Derby always did reletively well but he was always hidden behind the drums!
  15. boris_knit_knit

    New year's resolutions 2011

    Mine are: To knit a cardi for myself, or a jumper if I find a lovely enough pattern Knit a toy (for my niece) Knit socks (it's the heel!!!! just can't get it...) Make all the soft furnishings for the house like pillows and throws etc (this may well be a next 50 year resolution lol )
  16. boris_knit_knit

    Drum-roll..........The Black Cardy!!!!!

    me too! practise practise practise!!
  17. boris_knit_knit

    Autumnal Tuesday!

    feeling the autumn now! Woke up to it being pitch black - had the luxery of having lie ins over the past 5 days (when I say lie in I mean waking up at 7:30am instead of 6:15am...) so this morning was TOUGH :/ Started my argile throw officially last night - decided to practise the pattern doing a few left over yarn squares so I can get the colour changes down... now on the real thing I'm scared! It's the most intricate knit I've ever started, colour changes in stripes was hard enough for me! But I want it done for when winter truely kicks in... so need to do one or two squares a week! Oh and getting another cold :/ glands are all swollen (boo!) but downing the lemsip at work... should be ok!!
  18. boris_knit_knit

    Its Monday, and..... well....... its a bit dark!

    well back at work after a few days off for the BF birthday, which was lovely! Got no knitting done, as the new PS3 was far too tempting :/ Locked out of my work server because someone forgot to switch me out while I was away *sigh* so been twiddling my thumbs until they come online (the tech guys are in America! arrrgh). Went and bought some lovely cotton yarn to try and knit a throw with looking forward to starting it tonight - doing that Argile one from LK a few months back. Been practising my colour change with some left over stash... looking ok so going for it!!!
  19. boris_knit_knit

    Oh the Shame!!!

    my old knitting buddy came to visit me and the BF at the weekend and we went on a bit of a girly shopping trip. Went into Primark and found the most beautiful Teal cabled dress/top for onle £11... I knew it would probally cost me at least £25 on yarn and then a million years to actually knit it up (me and cables are not friends right now) so after sooooo much time debating with my buddy I decided that I would buy it! Once I am a knitting fiend I'll be able to whip one up in no time!!
  20. boris_knit_knit

    Drum-roll..........The Black Cardy!!!!!

    ahhhh so amazing! I am going to try and take on the golith of a cardi in the new year as part of my new years resolutions (haha not even the end of this yeart and I'm already planning ahead) When I get tired and fed up of a big prioject I will think of your hard work and it's awesome outcome and will push ahead and finish!!!!
  21. boris_knit_knit

    Slow Go Wednesday?

    At work - but got 2 days off after today to spend with the OH for his birthday! huzzah! So my thoughts are not 100% at work today... bad me :/
  22. boris_knit_knit

    baby mitts

    So I finally met my lovely new niece last week so quickly knitted her some mittens Was so wary of knitting her any clothes as we didn't know how big she was going to be... good job as she ended up being almost 10lbs! And is wearing 3 month old cloths So knitted some mittens to start with. Not a big thing but proud of myself for getting them done
  23. boris_knit_knit

    baby mitts

    I knew she was going to be a biggun - but she was born naturally as well! I was so shocked! I'm hoping big babies are on my nieces dads side... I want a small one! (I was 3lbs odd when I was born... but I'm a twin and was 6 weeks early!) But my niece was heavier than me and my sister combined!! I'm about to start knitting her the lovely hat in this months Lets Knit - the grey one (at work so don't know the pattern name!!) so will post the results soon!
  24. boris_knit_knit

    Tuesday??? are you sure?????

    arrrrr! I vanished and now I am back Had a rough few months which involved finding out I am allergic to milk and soya ¬_¬ but now I know feeling human and happy! I can't believe it's Tuesday... and September!! Where did the year go?? Going to jump into the deep end next week and make my very first set of curtains! Mum taught me how to make them when I was about 10... so need to think back 15 years... which will be difficult for me
  25. boris_knit_knit

    Marvelous Monday

    Also - it's chucking buckets here D: no chance of sun at all