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  1. Hey ladies, just to let you know I am up and about again. First day out of bed for longer than 2 hours today! Will take photos of postcards and get them sent tomorrow thanks for your understanding guys xx
  2. Hi sorry ladies I am holed up in bed at the moment I think I have got all the bugs from the three kids with a migraine from hell to boot! Your postcard has arrived lacocklady with a gorgeous rak. I'll post photos before I do the swap and I'll get them sent at the beginning of this week as soon as I can move without my head feeling like it is going to explode. Hope you don't mind waiting and I'm sorry ladies xx
  3. Thanks! I'll get the swap done as soon as I receive it. I've pm'd you my address
  4. Of course! I'm glad there are three of us now!
  5. Your postcard has arrived MT thank you so much for the lovely RAK. Looks like it's just the two of us this month!
  6. Wow! I'll let you know when it arrives
  7. Excellent! Have done MT thanks
  8. Hi guys Seeing as I have got some gorgeous flowers coming through in my garden I thought this months theme for a postcard could be flowers. 6 X 4 (150 X 100) to me on the above theme together with a Large-Letter stamped SAE to be by 20th march. If you wish to join please comment below. Thanks! Debsh Maritrez - received with lovely rak Lacock lady
  9. debsh

    January Postcard Swap - To me by 15th Jan

    Hi girls. i dont know what has happened littleme, it still hasnt arrived. we do have a new postwoman so that may be it, our post seems to have dwindled quite a lot recently (which is partly good as there are no bills!) I have added pictures of the three postcards so far and will swap with these, when yours comes littleme, ill keep that one and i will get a postcard sent out to you tomorrow. thank you so much for taking part in my forst swap and im sorry for the delay in sending them out. the postcards were lovely and the RAKs were really appreciated. Thank you girls
  10. debsh

    January Postcard Swap - To me by 15th Jan

    Hi girls, not quite got all postcards here yet but I will swap with what is here so far. I'll get photos put up very soon and send the swap out tomorrow
  11. debsh

    Hi to all knitters!

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I love sewing but unfortunately am rubbish at knitting! I'm sure you'll really enjoy it here
  12. debsh

    Where to begin when making your own clothes?????

    My best advice is to just go for it! Get some very cheap material it even an old bed sheet and make up a practice garment first. That way if you go wrong it hasn't cost you loads of money. and make sure you keep trying it on as you go, you may get stabbed with a few pins but it will be worth it to get the fit right. Making clothes is great and it's a brilliant feeling of pride when you wear something you have made and some asks you where you bought it from! Good luck!
  13. debsh

    January Postcard Swap - To me by 15th Jan

    Just waiting on littleme's to arrive then I'll get the swap completed
  14. debsh

    January Postcard Swap - To me by 15th Jan

    MT, yours arrived today. Thank you for the lovely rak too x
  15. debsh

    January Postcard Swap - To me by 15th Jan

    Only received one postcard so far, how are you doing with yours ladies?