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  1. Absolutely gorgeous make pinkpuppy! Well done Mazzjack x
  2. Hi everyone I went back to Tesco yesterday evening and took the standard version of the magazine back. I asked to speak to the Duty Manager and explained the situation to him. He agreed to replace the standard version of the magazine with the Tesco exclusive version despite me not having a receipt and so I now have my bead kit! However the Tesco exclusive version was still not on their system and so I only paid £4.99 and not not the extra. If anyone else is in the same situation I was, the above is worth a go. Good luck Mazzjack
  3. Thanks Melissa for attempting to sort this out. I was just wondering, as it currently appears to be Tesco's fault, will they offer to replace the normal magazine with the Tesco exclusive version? As long as we pay the extra obviously!!! This would be great however, I have not kept the receipt for the magazine that I bought. It would be helpful if you could check what their stance would be in this situation? Many thanks
  4. With any luck he will be lucky enough to get his hands on the 1 with the the bead set and that they will sell it to him! My luck ran out when I tried to buy it!! Let us know if you manage to get one Mazzjack
  5. Thanks for your reply. It is really annoying. It doesn't seem as if the organisation for the special version has been very well thought out. That effectively means that some people may well end up buying both versions of the magazine when they see the one with the bead set attached. I suppose I should have just kicked up a bit of a fuss in Tesco at the time but I had my baby with me and he's more than enough to cope with! Mazzjack
  6. All Me again - to rub salt into the wound, I have today had an e-mail from Make Jewellery magazine and one of the quotes on there is:- "Tesco exclusive: Mixed bead kit, worth £12.99 with this issue**Special magazine price £7.99. I have been to Tesco again today (before I read this e-mail) and this version is still not back on display so I bought the normal version!!!! LIttle bit annoyed now...... Mazzjack
  7. Lovely makes! Good luck to all Mazzjack
  8. Hi all I was just wondering if the following has happened to anyone else! I went to my local Tesco on Saturday to pick up this month's magazine. When I got there I saw that there were 2 versions. 1 was the normal magazine for £4.99. The other version was exactly the same magazine but with a wooden bead set attached. This cost a little bit extra at £7.99 (or maybe £8.99 - can't exactly remember the price sorry!). I thought I would buy the version with the bead set attached and couldn't wait to get home to make something. However, when I got to the till, the cashier told me, after she had tried to scan it, that it wasn't in their system and so they couldn't sell it. I was very disappointed with this and left without buying it. I went down later that evening to see if they had corrected the problem and to buy the magazine. However, Tesco had pulled all the copies of the magazine with the bead set attached and left just the normal version on the shelf. Just thought I would post this on here to ask the following:- 1. Has this happened to anyone else? 2. Where can I buy the version with the bead set attached? 3. Why are there 2 versions of this month's magazine? I look forward to hearing from amyone who can shed some light on this!! Thanks Mazzjack
  9. Mazzjack

    Make Jewellery issue 16 challenge winner!

    Well done Gaynor Mazzjack xx
  10. Mazzjack

    Make Jewellery issue 16 challenge - NOW CLOSED

    Thanks for your comments Barbara & Kate. & many thanks for the warm welcome MT! Gorgeous entries Gaynor & Kate - good luck Mazz
  11. Mazzjack

    Make Jewellery issue 16 challenge - NOW CLOSED

    That is really good pinkpuppy. Well done and good luck Mazz
  12. Mazzjack

    Make Jewellery issue 16 challenge - NOW CLOSED

    Hi pink puppy and ruby-amethyst Thank you both for your comments. I will also take on board your comments as to why I couldn't get my pics on here and try that next time Thanks again Mazz
  13. Mazzjack

    Make Jewellery issue 16 challenge - NOW CLOSED

    Hi all I decided to do an exact replica of the "Fly Away" project on page 22 of the magazine. I absolutely loved the colour of the stones and couldn't think of a way to improve it. I apologise that the picture has not come out as well as I intended. This is the only picture out of all that I took that could be posted on here for some reason! I had to put the setting on my camera down to the very lowest. Good luck to all who enter. Mazz
  14. Mazzjack

    Make Jewellery issue 16 challenge - NOW CLOSED

    Hi all I am wondering why I can't post my entry on here! Is anyone else having the same problem?? Mazz
  15. Mazzjack

    MJ issue 14 challenge winner!

    Well done to 2belle. It was gorgeous Mazz