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  1. Emmo

    New Subscriber and no magazine received

    Hi SewHow, I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed at the show. Unfortunately due to the fact that we have to process the subscriptions and generate the mailing lists in advance, subscriptions from Hobbycrafts will be due to start with the June issue of Sew. If you PM me your address though, I could post you the current issue of Sew from the office and change your subscription to start with this issue instead. Regarding the gift, did you mean that you didn't get a goody bag? I can send you a replacement from here if this is the case. Emmo
  2. Thanks again Maggie! KittyB: We have a special number for people from overseas to call to subscribe to Make Jewellery magazine. The number is: 44 1795 592947. You could also e-mail makejewellery@servicehelpline.co.uk if you prefer. Hope that this helps!
  3. Emmo

    I've not had my sub mag.....

    Hi. Thanks for the nudge Maggie! I'm sorry that you are still waiting for your magazine bride2be. I'm afraid that we have to generate the mailing lists a little in advance and so it is likely that the first issue of the subscriptions of people who subscribed to Let's Make Cards at the NEC recently will be Issue 33. Apologies, Emily
  4. Emmo

    April LK (Issue 29) not arrived yet

    Hi Lorraine, Sorry, I didn't see this thread until now. You did the right thing to PM me so I could look into the specifics of your query for you! Best wishes, Emmo
  5. Emmo

    free pendant this issue

    Thank you very much! I try my best to follow in Dan's footsteps and keep all our subscribers happy!
  6. Emmo

    free pendant this issue

    Hi eyeofthedivine, If you'd like to PM me your address details, I can still send you a replacement. Emmo
  7. Emmo

    web ID

    Important message for Let's Knit Subscribers Due to security, we have had to change your web id. Please contact us on 0844 844 0947 and we will give your new issued id so you can login online. Thanks, Emmo
  8. Emmo

    CB subscription

    Hi Stef, (and thanks for letting me knoe Maggie) Sorry to hear that you haven't received your mag yet. Please could you PM me your full name and postcode and I will ask our customer service team to look into this for you. Thanks, Emily
  9. It's great to hear that the next issue is so eagerly awaited!
  10. Emmo


    You can get the 3 for £3* offer by visiting craftyclub.net and selecting Make Jewellery. Here are the Terms and Conditions of that offer: *this is a no obligation trial direct debit offer open to UK residents only. If you wish to cancel, please inform us within 14 days of receiving your 3rd issue and no more payments will be taken. Your subscription will increase to just £12.99 every 3 issues - a saving of 13% on the cover price. Subscriptions will begin with the next available issue.
  11. Thanks for letting me know Sequin. Maggie50 is right that the date you mention is the UK on sale date, Christiana. On sale dates overseas vary and can be 3-4 weeks later than the UK on sale date. The fastest way to get a copy overseas is to subscribe. Overseas subscriber copies often arrive no more than a week after the UK on sale date. Again, this could be faster or slower depending on the country though.
  12. Emmo


    That's great. Sorry it wasn't more clear!
  13. Emmo

    query about registering

    Hi pinkpuppy, thanks for letting me know. I have replied to 2belle by private message. Please do PM me if anyone else experiences the same issue. Thanks
  14. Emmo


    I think that you are talking about the price we charge for that offer to send Make Jewellery to people in the US and Rest of the World. If you want to see the pricing for people based in the UK, scroll down until you see the words 'Please Note' in blue and just above that there is a drop down box with countries in it. Please select as appropriate. Does this give you the pricing you'd expect?
  15. Emmo


    By the way, I should point out that the current Bead Kit and storage offer is from Beads Direct. It is worth £29.99 and comes with a £5 voucher for Beads Direct.