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  1. BEZZ1203


    Thank you all, will give it a try and let you know how I get on. If i can get into town next week will see if I can get one of those overlocking feet, will they work with straight forward zig zag stitch? Many thanks Cheryl xxx
  2. BEZZ1203


    Hope soneone can help me. No matter where i set the tension, on my Jenome machine, when I do a zig zag stitch the fabric pinches up. Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this. Many thanks Cheryl xxx
  3. BEZZ1203


    Thanks, I think I will try and trace out the old one and copy, wish me luck!
  4. BEZZ1203


    Hi Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a moses basket cover? We have just got our old moses basket out of the loft, for bab due in July, and the inside cover is looking a bit tatty. We have looked everywhere and you have to buy a whole new moses basket which seems a bit of a waste. Worse option is use the current one as a pattern but thought if i was going to make one then I would like one with a bit more frill to it. Any help appreciated. Cheryl xxx
  5. BEZZ1203

    Janome 8077 bobbincase rubbing

    Today I removed the bobbin case of my janome 8077 to clean it and on replacing it, it is now making a metalic rubbing sound. I can't see anywhere that it could be rubbing and the sound is only there when the bobbin case is inserted. Anyone any ideas what it caould be and how I can fix it. Many thanks Cheryl xxx
  6. BEZZ1203


    Anyone got a simple pattern or layout for a child's ra-ra skirt? Many thanks Cheryl xxx
  7. BEZZ1203

    Baby dolls clothes

    Hi Anyone know any websites with patterns for 12-14inch baby dolls clothes on? I have looked at some simplicity patterns but they are not brilliant, I just want the basics that i can elaborate. Thanks Cheryl xxx
  8. BEZZ1203

    Have subscribers received issue 19 Sew mag yet?

    Mine finally arrived this morning, hooray. :-)
  9. BEZZ1203

    Have subscribers received issue 19 Sew mag yet?

    Haven't got my copy yet, however we are under just over a foot of snow so I guess it will get here some time soon! Cheryl xxx
  10. BEZZ1203


    Hi My husband has just treated me to a Janome 8077 to replace the Frister Rossman Cub I had been using, which had originally been my Mums. The manual is very basic and I am still not sure what all the stitches are for and I am slowly adjusting to the 40 year jump in technology so was wondering if anyone has any hints, tips or advice to get the best out of the machine. I am no sewing expert and am hopefully going to be using the machine to make clothes for my little girl, if she ever sleeps long enough for me to get anything done! Any help greatfully received. Cheers Cheryl xxx