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  1. gaia


    I have 2 pasta machines, one for making pasta and one for fimo. The pasta one gets used every week, generally to make ravio.li, but also to make lasagne. The fimo one has been used twice!
  2. gaia

    Snow Queen

    can you give us some more details? I'm assuming 'snow queen' was in one of the magazines? can you tell us roughly when it appeared?
  3. gaia

    Beads from glass bottles...

    Brilliant, thank Susie, that looks like a great place to start!
  4. A while ago in one of the magazines i think (although i could well be wrong) i read something about a lady who makes lampwork beads from glass bottles, especially champagne bottles, as a way of creating jewellery keepsakes to remember celebrations. A very good friend of mine got married last week, and i kept an empty champagne bottle so i could send it to this lady. However i've gone and lost the details i had. Does anyone know what i'm talking about? Even better does anyone have a website or email for the girl i think i'm talking about? any help would be gratefully recieved.
  5. So are these white polymer clay with a printed image on them, sealed with clear resin? they do look really cute. I presume, since you are selling them on etsy that you have full copyright clearance from Disney to be selling their images?
  6. or here... http://www.etsy.com/listing/48937625/90-gutermann-premium-seed-beads-light?ref=sr_gallery_16&ga_search_query=seed_bead++9%2F0&ga_search_type=all
  7. http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&op=listing&product_id=1548796 have you tried here?
  8. I get a long think double think strip of tissue paper (maybe a foot wide and a meter or so long) and lay the necklaces across it, then roll it up. It means I get get a lot of stuff in a small area and it doesn't tangle. The rolled tissue paper will sit happily in a rucksack or a suitcase.
  9. gaia

    selling on FB - is it allowed ???

    yes it absolutely is allowed. Facebook have an e-commerce platform called payvment...http://www.payvment.com/facebook/ You can set up a free store, and use the payvment options to do everything including payments. All you and your customers need are paypal accounts, so it's totally secure and safe and no bank details are needed. as far as freebies and discounts go - there is no problem. the payvment store even has a thing so you can allow people who become fans of your page to get a 10% discount in your store. Although you don't have to. have a read through the link http://www.payvment.com/facebook/ it does make things really clear. and has more links embedded so you can get going with it right away.
  10. gaia

    mini screw eye pins

    have you tried ebay? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/50-FIFTY-SCREW-EYE-TOP-PIN-PEGS-SILVER-PLATED-FIMO-8MM_W0QQitemZ270682512865QQcmdZViewItem?rvr_id=192320587426&rvr_id=192320587426&cguid=41cc07a712d0a0aad4d165f1ff852c88
  11. Hi, As I said, I use the dremel, and I love it, but I agree it is expensive. As for other drills, I don't have a clue i'm afraid. Soemone else might have another type of drill they can recommend though...
  12. I do both drilling and glueing. For glue I use the bostick all purpose glue in the purple tube - costs about £1 in supermarkets and is really good. For drilling (and also for the initial sanding of the edges once it's unmoulded) I've stolen the husbands dremel, but to be honest, resin is soft enough to be able to push through it with a reamer if necessary, and a sanding block from B&Q or Halfords will do the sanding. ooh yes, I finish mine off with a coat of clear car laquer from Halfords. But make sure you have plenty of venitlation if you use it!
  13. Hi there, I love resin jewellery, and the possibilties with it are endless. When I first started Aims gave me some good advice and tips, and so I shall pass on some advice and tips to you. I buy my resin and moulds from here... http://artclaysupplies.co.uk/show_ac.php?mc=resin&catid=10&pg=1 I get the easycast resin, it's a 1:1 mix of the resin and hardener and so is easy to measure. I also got some of the measuring cups to make it really easy, but I use a wooden skewer to mix rather than the mixing sticks. The folk at artclaysupplies are really friendly and helpful, and if they are out of stick, drop them an email to ask when it'll be back in. It's never terribly long. as far as adding charms and glitter, your imagination is your limit. Friends of mine now bring me small objects to embed in resin, including shells, glitter, bottle tops, buttons, sequins, cake decorations, dolls house miniatures, materials and paper. for colouring resin, you can buy pigment, but I had glass paint in the house, which does a fab job, and the small pots of loose eyeshadow dusts are also brilliant for opaque colours, and they can be bought really cheap. I've added a few pics ... If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask or pm me...
  14. gaia

    More resin!

    I've been properly snowed in all week, so have taken the opportunity to make some more resin stuff. Some of these are commissions, one is a present, the the red flower ring is mine! the first is 3 pendants - all commissions, then a simple pendant that I just really like, then 3 more pendants, including another spoon one, then there is a whole load of rings, about half are commissions, and finally 2 more pendants, with an outline sticker,a nd some coffee beans!
  15. gaia

    Resin spoon pendant

    thanks everyone! I've been making some more, just got to finish them off once the top coat of resin has dried. I've done one with a layer of tissue paper in it. The paper is white, with a pale green bird perched on a small branch. In the resin it's all gone quite translucent. I don't think it'll photograph well, but it looks stunning! I have all my colleagues and friends keeping their eyes out looking for small things to embed in resin now too!