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  1. elainelgc

    Pretty Flutterbies issue 77

    Hi, I have checked the text in the magazine with the original text from the book that we were sent and it does match up. I would suggest getting in touch with the book publisher ([email protected]) or the designer (https://make.jemweston.co.uk/) with your query. Apologies we can't be of more help on this occasion.
  2. elainelgc

    Watermelon Clutch pattern help please?

    Hello, Please find the correction for this pattern here. Apologies for the error. If you have any further queries, please email me at [email protected] Kind regards, Elaine Bennett Editor
  3. elainelgc

    crochet peacock

    Hi there Here are the full unedited details from Janine Holmes, the designer: Pin a Tail Feather to the top of each Tail Lobe and sew the edges in place, making sure to place stitches through the Tail Feather and both layers of Tail to flatten. Sew a matching Back Tail Feather to the back of each tail Lobe. These stitches do not need to go through both layers. Oversew the tops of the tail feathers together. Sew base of Tail to back of Body. Sew stitches through both layers of Tail and into the Body from the base up to round 10 until it is firmly attached. If you have any further queries, please email me directly at [email protected] and I will see what I can do.
  4. elainelgc

    In need of help! Toy truck from LGC magazine

    Hello I have checked the original text supplied by the designer and this matches up with no discrepancies. Please could you go into a little more detail about what you are struggling with? You can reach me directly on [email protected] although I am out of the office tomorrow (Wednesday). Kind regards, Elaine Bennett Editor
  5. elainelgc

    Knitting and Crochet Magazine

    Hi there, to enquire about your susbcriptions gift please email [email protected] or call 0844 844 0397. If you'd like to email me directly regarding this, you can reach me on [email protected] Kind regards, Elaine Bennett Editor, LGC
  6. elainelgc

    Mrs Christmas Cushion

    Hi Debbie Sorry to hear you had a yarn shortage. Please email your address details and yarn requirements to me at [email protected] and we will send more out.
  7. elainelgc

    I love to knit because...

    Thanks for the replies ladies :-)
  8. elainelgc

    I love to knit because...

    For your chance to feature in issue 62, simply answer this question: "I love to knit because..." We can't wait to hear your responses!
  9. elainelgc

    Charity Knits - Is it still worth the effort?

    Hi Betty Have you been in touch with Knit For Peace? They are very eager for knitted donations. You can find their details here: http://www.knitforpeace.org.uk/knit-for-good/donate-goods/
  10. elainelgc

    Bramble Bunny - issue 58 outfit, no pattern!

    The back issues department can be reached on 0844 844 0397 :-)
  11. Good idea, Magpiesdelights, I'll pass it onto the editor :-)
  12. elainelgc

    Do you find knitting & crochet therapeutic?

    Thanks knit&flee for your response. Lots of people tell me they learnt to knit in the Brownies and i also had a Brownie leader tell me this week that she was about to teach her pack, so it's lovely that it's still being passed down! Thanks also to knittingqueenuk. So sorry to hear about your struggles with illness and your husband's passing but it's brilliant that knitting has kept you so strong. Knitting groups, both online and offline, are so important aren't they, and it's wonderful to hear about your charity and family knitting. Thanks again ladies.
  13. We are putting together a feature for issue 60 of LGC Knitting & Crochet about the therapuetic benefits of knitting and crochet. How has knitting & crochet helped you in your life? We'd love you to share your stories.
  14. elainelgc


    Hi Pat, Is the below owl the pattern you are asking about? I'm afraid I don't understand this bit in your original question: "it says to tp the nacl pf the work" Could you confirm what you are struggling with and I'll be happy to help.
  15. Hi Wendy Unfortunately crochet versions of those two patterns are not available. Sorry I can't be of more assistance this time. Kind regards, Elaine Bennett Deputy Editor