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  3. steverhodes

    What are your thoughts on handmade clothing?

    I love to wear handmade clothing. Don;t know why but it feels better than other cloths.
  4. steverhodes

    Do you make your own envelopes?

    yes! It actually saves money.
  5. steverhodes

    Adhesive query

    you can find multiple gluing items like double-sided tapes, roller adhesives, sticks, pastes, and liquid glues. I choose roller adhesives. if you need more information on this topic you can go to this website https://craftsinsider.com/
  6. Bigbunniesuk


    Hi Tina and welcome to the forum. I've moved your post to the Sew Magazine part of the forum.
  7. shopsemission

    ring pull jewellery

    Thanks you , so much need help your post
  8. argenta

    Share your crafty tips here!

    Agree. All of my patterns are stored in a zip-lock bags along with the original pattern envelope. I keep the original pattern inside the envelope so that I don't lose it. Also you can store them in digital format as well and it would be less space consuming. I have scanned the front of most of my patterns and I have a file on my computer so I can see what I have if I am looking for something.
  9. Tina C


    Hi all, new to this site. Have spent days trying to download a sewing pattern (contrary Mary childs pinafore) from the sew magazine site. All I can get is a small fragment of the pattern when I try to print. I do not have the option to print poster size as it says on the instructions even thou I have a brand new printer. Can anyone help? Many thanks
  10. sejalkokane

    ring pull jewellery

    Kate, it was really amazing ideas, well done, looking for to seeing more recycled jewellery.
  11. MayaStorrie

    Help please with Clara Dress instructions

    Hello, I am a relatively new sewer and am attempting my first dress. I am using the Clara Dress free pattern, but I'm stuck on point 3 which is attaching the ties and front facing. Is there anyone who could help break down the point into very basic talk so I can ensure I sewnit correctly?! Appreciate any help anyone can give. https://www.sewmag.co.uk/free-sewing-patterns/clara-wrap-dress Thanks Maya
  12. PaulinNY

    Seed Bead Crafting

    Melissa, That does help, I also didn't know there was a bead supplier somewhat near me. Going to go there and get a loom, beads and some line.
  13. Melissa Hyland

    Seed Bead Crafting

    Hi there, many beading companies sell monofilament beading thread, which is similar to fishing line and comes in a variety of thicknesses - Beadalon, Fireline, and the Bead Smith are among some of the best known brands and are pretty strong. These links also talk about various threads and cords for beading, which might be useful: https://www.myworldofbeads.com/beading-thread/ https://www.firemountaingems.com/resources/encyclobeadia/charts/722x https://www.kernowcraft.com/jewellery-making-tips/beading-and-threading-techniques-and-advice/stringing-beads-with-small-holes We hope this is helpful - good luck!
  14. PaulinNY

    Seed Bead Crafting

    Hello, I just joined your forums. I make beads strings to hang from vests for Veteran motorcycle groups. Usually I work with barrel beads and have always used leather cord. This latest project will have me in new territory using seed beads. My question is this: The strings hang from vests that will be subject to high wind and other weather elements. I was thinking of using a high grade fishing line, the beads I am using are sized 6 at the biggest and sized 15 for some high detail. Will fishing line fit through these? Is fishing line the best for this purpose? Thanks for any help
  15. PaulinNY

    New Member

    Hello, New member here, upstate NY, my name is Paul. Medically retired Navy submarine veteran. I primarily do beading to help veteran motorcycle clubs to raise money and awareness. So far I have only done barrel beading because the simple color combinations made it easy to create the strings (they hang from their vests). Now they have asked for a much more intricate pattern that will require seed beads. I have no experience what-so-ever with these so here I am. Looking forward to meeting nice folks and learning about seed beads.
  16. tuffnell_glass

    Flame Off 2019

  17. Bigbunniesuk


    Hi Kelly and welcome to the forum. I love your cascade card, you'll have to try an exploding box card too, they are great fun and not as tricky as you might think!
  18. kel38


    Hi, Just introducing myself, I am Kelly and I have been papercrafting for a bout two years now and really enjoy it. I wanted to share this cascade card it was a first for me, I love to experiment, I would really like to do a exploding box card as they look so impressive. Anyway bye for now, Kelly
  19. Julie A

    Knitting in Stratford-upon-Avon

    There is a knitting Group in Stratford-upon-Avon every Friday morning at 10 o’clock at Coffee#1 Henley Street. All welcome
  20. Julie A

    Knitting in Stratford-upon-Avon

    We have a group of Knitters who meet every Friday at 10.00 am at Coffee#1 in Henley Street.
  21. sall

    Share your crafty tips here!

    Print all your sewing patterns and file them together. It means you can browse instead of having to sort through piles of bulky envelopes. Do same with anything you make to keep a record of your work.
  22. JennyYarn

    Poly Triceratops

    Hi, I'm currently working my way through the Polly Triceratops pattern in December Issue 139 of Let's Knit and i'm stuck on the Neck Frill...at the bottom of the first page, it states Work 3 rows in st st, do not turn after last row. Does this mean I am to carry on with the other stitches previously worked? also...i'm on a purl row at this point and it says to kfb,k4,kfb,turn. I followed this as it said even though it was a purl row and it just looks wrong??? Am I reading this right? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  23. sall

    Hi to all.

    I'm a newbie. I sew and knit every moment that I can. Passionate about dressmaking that I do every day. Looking forward to taking part in forum.
  24. Goose

    Downloadable Templates

    evelynept maybe a little more info might be helpful
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