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Matchbox Mice

Designer: Amanda Walker
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Craft this Amanda Walker trio of adorable baby mice, all tucked up in bed

What you need...
  • Fabric, The Range
    Felt, scraps: cream, brown, pink, pale blue
    Curtain interlining, scrap
    Ribbons; various
    Lace; various
    Ricrac, cream
    Match boxes, large
    Needle, embroidery
    Thread: embroidery, pink
    Sewing machine/thread
  1. Making the Mice - 1 Using the templates provided and cream felt, cut out two bodies and head pieces, two legs and two arms. If you are making a boy mouse, cut out the ears from brown felt, and if it’s a girl, use pink.

    2 Take one of the body and head pieces and pin the ears to the head with a tiny pleat on the straight edge. Repeat with the arms to the side and the legs to the base of the body. When happy with the placement, stitch all in place, very close to the edges.

    3 Lay the remaining body and head piece over the top, sandwiching the ears and limbs in-between the two pieces, then stitch round the edges, leaving a small gap in the bottom of the body. Turn the mouse out through the gap, stuff with a small piece of wadding then slip stitch the gap closed. Using pink embroidery thread, stitch a nose on the mouse’s face and draw on two dots for eyes.

    4 Use scraps of blue felt and the template to create a waistcoat for the boy mouse. Place his arms through small slits in the side of the waistcoat, then secure to his body using Copydex. Finish with a small gingham bow just beneath the nose.

    5 To dress the girl mice, take either a length of lace or ribbon and wrap around the neck. Cross the two ends and then glue in place. Adhere another length around the waists to form a skirt. Complete with a small gingham bow on top of their heads.

  2. Making the Beds - 1 Carefully unstick the outer sleeve of the matchbox and spray the outer surface with adhesive, affixing onto the underside of a piece of fabric. Cut around the cardboard sleeve and then re-stick the edges back together. Apply a length of ricrac around the top end of the box, adorning with a button in the centre.

    2 Cut a rectangle of curtain interlining to line the inner box. Create a small pillow from a square of folded fabric, stitching in half, leaving a small gap to turn the pillow case. Fill with wadding and then slip stitch the gap closed.

    3 To make the bedcover, cut out a rectangle and stick a length of ribbon just off centre, folding in half. Stitch and turn, filling with a square of curtain interlining. Finish by sticking a strip of ribbon around the outer surface of the inner box.

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