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Fairytale Peg Dolls

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
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Once upon a time, a crafter made the prettiest set of peg dolls in all the land

What you need...
  • Fabric: cotton, patterned, pink; plain, white; light blue; tulle, sequinned, pink; netting, pink; white; silver
    Pegs, wooden
    Fibres, Hot Fix Angelina: Blue Magic, Cotton Candy
    Paper pad, Dovecraft, Serendipity
    Glitter glue
    Straws, striped, pink and white
    Embellishments: gems; mini pegs, wooden; sequins; ribbon
    Craft wire
  1. Peg Fairy - 1 Wrap yellow thread around a length of wire, 16cm, then glue the ends to secure and bend both to form hands. Wrap and adhere more thread around them to secure. Cut two strips of fabric, fray both sides and tie one onto each wrist.

    2 Cut 29 circles from a mix of fabric and netting, gradually decreasing each shape in size as you go. Snip holes into the middles of the circles and start to feed them up from the bottom of a peg, making sure that the largest ones go first. Cut three strips of white fabric and fray the edges, then use one to cover the middle of the arms. Secure lengths of patterned material to the remaining two, fix them to the upper body and under the skirt with glue.

    3 Adhere the arms to the back, then wrap and tie them to the body with pink thread. Cut out five elongated half circles from silver netting, then tie thread in the middle to create wings. Glue them to the back of the body. For the hair, fix Angelina Blue Magic fibres to the head, tying the tresses together with string for a ponytail. Draw on facial features using pens, then add clear glitter glue to the base of the peg and leave to dry.

  2. Straw Doll - 1 Cut a 9cm diameter semi-circle from pink card, matt with pink gingham paper, then wrap around the straw. Once you're happy with the shape, glue together to create a flat-sided cone. Add a border to the base of the dress and a flower motif to the middle.

    2 Cut a drinking straw in half, then stick paper and gems to the bottoms of each for shoes. Glue the ends and fix inside the cone for legs. Trim a straw, 5.3cm, in half lengthways, then round one end on both and attach to the sides of the body for arms.

    3 For a head, wrap cream paper around a drinking straw before removing it, then stick the ends together and leave to dry. Draw on facial features. Dot glue to the back of the neck, then insert it into the dress. Attach Cotton Candy fibres to the head and tie into bunches. Adhere a loop of paper inside the back of the head. Create another doll with a blue dress and pink hair, then join the two dolls together with orange ribbon and mini pegs to finish.

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