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Stitched Felt Mice

Designer: Amanda Walker
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Small is beautiful with this adorable stitched pair

What you need...
  • Felt: white, oatmeal, pale pink
    Cotton fabric: floral, dogtooth
    Jersey fabric: plain, striped
    Matching thread, various
    Embroidery thread, black
    Polyester filling
    Jute wire
    Cord, ivory
  1. Cute Felt Mice - 1 Use the templates to prepare two sets of body pieces in white and oatmeal felt, two jersey strips, 4cm x 25cm, plus two patterned jackets cut on the fold. For each toy, match a side piece to the top head and back piece. Stitch using a 3mm allowance, from the nose to the notch. Repeat on the opposite side of the top piece for the remaining side, then turn out and stuff.

    2 Make a hole in the felt on the back. Thread a length of cord from the outside, pull through and tie a knot. Cut a tail, 10cm long, then fasten a knot in the other end. Using a cotton bud, apply blusher to the base of each ear. Unpick a few stitches on either side of the top head. Pinch the base of the ears, attach and hand stitch to secure.

    3 Cut jute wire, 7cm, and place along the chest. Lay a tummy piece over the top and pin. Hand stitch to the mouse, sandwiching the wire arms. Bend a separate length of jute, 14cm, into a W shape and tuck the bends together to form feet. Slot into the opening at the base of the body. Hand stitch the opening closed, trapping the feet in the stitching.

    4 Fold a coat piece in half, right sides together. Stitch around the edges, leaving a small gap in the stitching line at the centre of the curved edge. Clip into the seam
    allowance on either side of the collar section, then turn to the right side through the gap. Tease out the seam line and press flat, turning and pressing the collar down. Close the gap with slip stitches.

    5 Create two tiny slits in the coat, as indicated on the template. Place the coat onto the mouse gently, threading the jute arms through the slits. Attach the gloves to the ends of the arms and stick in place, sandwiching the ends of the jute inside.

    6 Prepare a scarf by folding the jersey in half lengthways, right sides together. Stitch the raw edges, leaving a gap. Turn out, tease the corners and seam line, press flat and close the gap. Fasten the scarf around the mouse. Embroider the nose and mouth, following the seam lines, then repeat for the eyes.

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