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Polymer clay and transfers work beautifully to create this fabulous gift set by Ellen Kharade

What you need...
  • Polymer clay, FIMO Soft, white, peppermint
    Stamps: By The Sea, Ship and Navigation
    Paper, decorative: yellow, blue, green; stripe, blue
    Transfer paper, Lazertran
    Notebook, spiral bound, 15.5cm x 22cm
    Thread: rope, nylon, fine; medium; chunky; cord, black
    Keyring fob
    Nautical charms: anchor, ships wheel
    PC and printer
    Double-sided tape
    Hole punch
    Watercolour paint
  1. Notebook - 1 Stamp By The Sea sentiments and a ship motif onto white paper, enlarge using a photocopier and tint using watercolour paints. Transfer onto polymer clay as before, trim to 6.5cm x 9cm and bake. Press navigation motifs onto yellow decorative paper and adhere to a notebook. Trim decorative yellow paper and stick to the back cover.

    2 Stamp By The Sea sentiments onto blue paper, 9.5cm x 11.5cm, and stick to the front of the notebook. Trim yellow, 7.5cm x 9.5cm, and fix to the blue text paper. Stick the transfer motif to the yellow using double-sided tape. Fix yellow decorative paper, 4.5 x 9cm, to the cover.

    3 Stamp By The Sea sentiments onto blue paper, 3.5cm x 8cm, and stick to the yellow paper. Glue a length of medium rope to the inside cover. Trim two lots of white paper, 14.5 x 21cm, and stick to the inside covers. Tie fine rope around an anchor charm and glue to the front cover.

  2. Keyring - Roll out two 8mm balls of peppermint polymer clay and poke through the centres to make beads. Create an anchor transfer clay motif, 4.5cm x 5cm. Bake all the pieces like before. Drill a hole down the centre of the transfer. Thread a double length of cord through the keyring fob, then pop a peppermint bead to the base and tie a knot. Thread both ends through the clay transfer piece, add a peppermint bead and tie the ends of the cord to secure.

  3. Gift Tag - Transfer a helm image, 5.5cm, from the pattern pack onto blue decorative paper. Photocopy onto the shiny side of transfer paper, making sure the image is reversed. Roll white polymer clay to 2mm thick, then transfer the wheel as before. Cut to 5.5cm and bake. Create a blue stripe circle, 8.5cm, and stick a yellow circle, 7cm, to it. Mount the transfer motif to the yellow using double-sided tape, then fix around the motif. Make a hole at the top of the gift tag using a punch and tie with a length of fine rope.

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