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Our November 2014 issue came with a bonus quilling and embossing kit - here we show you our embossed envelopes ideas...

What you need...
  • Foil
  • Papers, patterned
  • Embossing board, snowflake
  • Punch, star, small
  • Tool, ball-ended
  • Needle, knitting
  • Adhesives: foam pads, 3-D; glue, PVA; tape
  1. Hare Envelope - Cut out a hare shape from card. Mount it across a large envelope (see our templates) using foam pads. Use a small punch to create six foil stars. Fix these down with PVA glue.

  2. With Love - Cut foil, 3cm x 5cm, and tape to the embossing board. Impress the image with a ball-ended tool. Trim a 1.5cm wide strip of red paper and wrap it around the base of the landscape Christmas envelope. Fix the embossed panel to the left side with foam pads. Decorate it with a 'With Love' sentiment and heart motifs.

  3. Flower Envelope - Create a stippled finish on a rectangle of foil, 1cm x 4.7cm, by poking it with a knitting needle. Flip the foil over so the dimples are raised. Mount on a strip of patterned paper with foam pads and fix to a dotty envelope. Punch two 5cm flowers from foil. Stipple one as before. Fix the flowers together with strong PVA glue and attach to the left side of the foil strip.

  4. Happy Birthday - Glue five 5mm wide strips of patterned paper randomly across the front of an envelope. Fold the ends of the strips to the back and cover with a panel of patterned paper. Lay a 2cm x 4cm piece of foil on thick cardboard and use a knitting needle to mirror write 'Happy Birthday'. Mount the rectangle onto a slightly larger panel of patterned paper and glue to the front of the envelope. Add a punched paper and foil flower to finish.

  5. Love Envelope - Use a knitting needle and ruler to score across an 8mm wide length of foil several times. Fix this strip across the end of a small Christmas envelope, folding the ends to the back. Cut a 2.5cm diameter circle of foil and tape it on top of a snowflake design on the board. Emboss with a ball-ended tool. Fix the foil snowflake onto the centre of a paper star with a foam pad before gluing it to the left-hand side of the foil strip. Add a 'Love' sentiment to the top-right.

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