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Autumnal Felt Makes

Designer: Carolyn Letten
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If you got your hands on our subscriptions gift for October 2014, you can make a variety of autumnal pieces...

What you need...
  • October 2014 subscriptions gift
    Thread: purple, green
    Brooch back
    Needle and thread
    Pinking shears
    Scissors, fabric
  1. Needlecase - 1 Cut bright orange felt, 10cm x 21cm, and five decorative flowers; each decreasing in size, starting with a large cream flower and using darker shades as they get smaller.

    2 Fold the needlecase in half and mark the fold with a pin, then lay it flat. Cut two slightly smaller rectangles in different colours using pinking shears, lay them in the middle and stitch down the fold line. Stitch the largest cream flower to what will be the front of the needlecase using purple thread, close to the edge. Use bright green thread to stitch decoratively around it on the orange felt.

    3 Layer the two smallest flowers on top of each other and stitch together around the petal edges as shown. Place this onto the remaining yellow flower and, using purple thread, hand stitch French knots between the petals.

    4 Place your flower onto the needlecase and secure by hand stitching a large button through all the layers in the middle.

  2. Ruffled Flower Brooch - 1 Make a template by cutting a card circle, 5cm in diameter, and shaping five petals around the edge. Use the template to cut out six flowers: two in a darker orange, one in cream and three in peach.

    2. Fold each flower in half, then in half again, and secure with a few hand stitches in the corners. Arrange four on a flat surface so the corners all meet and stitch them together at the corners. Take a length of ribbon and fold it to create four loops, then arrange it on top and stitch in place. Attach the last two flowers on top in the same way and secure.

    3. To finish, cut a small rectangle of felt and place it through a metal brooch back. Secure with glue to the back of your flower.

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