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Afternoon ladies. Had a surprise morning with Sophie. Her mam doesn't work on tuesday or wednesday but has asked for training in pharmacy so her career can progress.


This can only be done on her off days - today was first day. She only found out yesterday and forgot to tell me silly woman  :lol:


Beautiful sunny morning so we all went into the garden. Me chopping weeds and leaves off an elderberry tree we cut back last year. Sophie put all the bits in a bin for her granddad.


Then DH decided to dig over part of garden for potatoes and of course a certain little lady helped. After that it was play time in the garden until her dad came for her - dinner then nursery.


Sun has gone in now so staying indoors until it comes out.


Going to do a bit cross stitch I think.


Linda I'm sure your crafts will sell. You make some amazing stuff especially with wood and gourds.


Eliza silly me though you said a match box and I was wondering what you were going to do with it  :lol:  Fabric was a good price


Liz sorry to hear you aren't feeling too good.  Its our stupid weather I'm sure. Hope you feel better soon.


Have a lovely afternoon




Take care

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Yes Liz settled back home..hayfever hit me todah..streaming eyes and croak voice..my friend just came and she was same.


Linda pom poms are for a village event..they are doing a.community weekend and theme is textiles ..pom poms are going to cascade from church tower. Hundreds needed ..schools and local groups all involved..you can't sit and have a cuppa in any of the cafes with out having yarn pushed in your hand. Sure you will do well selling your things.


Paper mache box. I thought all cream white covered and make it into a wedding day memory box.. cheqie pinned to lid


Packed my silk away as I need to make wedding outfit first although I'm tempted to use the silk.started making jacket though and it won't match the silk... maybe I can get changed for evening. Not made first one yet. and here I sm ttalking about another

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Hello all you busy bees. ðŸðŸ

Sounds like there's lots of great crafting happening. 😀

Not much to report here. Busy at work. Roll on Friday!! 😄

Take Care. x

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