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Sailing Boats

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
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Make waves with your crafts Smooth Sailing

What you need...
  • Card, white
    Paper: mixed media, watercolour
    Pens: waterbased brush markers; alcohol markers; fine liners, assorted
    Pixie powders: pink, blue
  1. Watercolour Effect - 1. Trace the boat template onto watercolour paper. Dilute pixie powders with water, and paint a light wash over the paper with blue and pink water-based pens. When dry, sprinkle over some more powder and spritz with water. Leave to dry before cutting the pattern out.

    2. Colour the inside of the boat with a deeper colour, then join the two ends with adhesive. Bind thread around the sail and secure in place with glue. Make a small tag from off-cuts and attach to the sail. Trim where indicated on the sail and boat, then slot the two together.

    3. Draw simple fish shapes from the off-cuts, then add further detail with a blue, pink and white pen. Top with silver gems, before attaching to the side of the boat.

  2. Float My Boat - 1. Trace the boat template onto mixed media paper. Score the dotted lines with a pointed tool and a straight edge, then cut out. Using water-based brush pens, colour the outside of the boat with pink and blue.

    2. Load a brush with water, then paint
    over the area where the two colours meet, so the pigments blend together. When dry, drop clean water over the boat to bleach out the colour, then leave to dry. Colour the inside of the boat with blue pigment.

    3. Take a fine, black pen to draw on the boards of the boat, then highlight with a white gel pen. Place glue on the tab and join the ends of the boat together.

    4. Trace and cut the fisherman onto mixed media paper, then cut out and colour, adding light and shade. Draw facial features with a fine, black pen. Add slits to the boat and fisherman where indicated. Place the fisherman into the boat, so the cuts match up.

    5. Trace and cut the sail, then add slits where indicated. Dab a little pigment from the brush pens onto a palette, then mix with water and paint a very light layer over the sail. Leave to dry.

    6. Draw a sentiment onto the sail using a soft pencil. With a very fine brush, paint over the pencil lines. If it is still visible, rub out. Slot the sail onto the boat.

  3. Sailing Dog - 1. Trace the templates onto card and cut out. Colour the outside of the boat with a blue alcohol-based marker and use orange on the inside.

    2. Draw patterns across the outside of the boat with a white gel pen. Glue the tab at the back and join the ends together.

    3. Colour the sail orange. With a fine, blue pen, draw swirls and flowers, highlighting with a white gel pen. Add gold and purple gems. Cut slits in the boat and the sail where indicated and join the two together.

    4. Trace and cut a dog and rudder from card, colouring with co-ordinating shades. Use a fine, black pen to draw in ears, eyes, a nose and collar. Cut indents in the back of the boat and the dog, then join together.

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