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In need of honest advice

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Hi all,


I have no idea if this is the right forum to ask a few questions, but hopefully you'd be kind and redirect me if I got it wrong (just to let you know: English is not my first language, so I apologise in advance for any mistakes). 


I'll try to keep my story short: out of boredom, I started to play with clay and Powertex and plaster about a year ago and made a few objects initially just for my home. Some of my friends saw my 'creations' and asked me to make some for them (which I did!) and told me I should try and sell them (I've made quite a few and at the moment I have so many around the house and no idea what to do with them). Most of them are in clay, sand and Powertex (stone art) that I then paint with acrylics to make it look like bronze. 

post-492586-0-54763500-1454373921_thumb.jpgpost-492586-0-55153300-1454373985_thumb.jpgpost-492586-0-06321000-1454374032_thumb.jpg - I have at least 12 other in this style;



I also have a few in air-drying clay and plaster of Paris: post-492586-0-67445000-1454374776_thumb.jpgpost-492586-0-55372800-1454374859_thumb.jpgpost-492586-0-63752800-1454374982_thumb.jpg


What I need from you all is an honest opinion about my stuff. Do you think it would sell and should I give it a try? Or should I just continue to do them just for my enjoyment and give them away or put them in the bin (quite a few ended up in there already). The thing is, apart from 2 sessions of Powertex and many hours of youtube, I've never trained in anything arts&crafts and I have no idea if I'm using the right techniques and so I don't know if my amateurish creations are marketable.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and I'd love to hear some feedback from you. 





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Ok your art is brilliant and yes I can see a market for it.


As long as you only sell art that you designed yourself.  Art that is not a copy of another person's work and your are not making statues of famous people or characters then yes I would advise trying to sell your lovely work.


Your work is delicate and beautiful.

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Hi Eileen and thank you! 


Really, many thanks for your kind words... I guess I need encouraging more than I thought I would.


What I make is solely my design, I do look on Pintrest for inspiration (I love Antoine Josse work and I admit on trying to imitate his style with my clay and plaster stuff - but, as you can see, I'm quite far off...) https://uk.pinterest.com/razztro/art-a-n-t-o-i-n-e-j-o-s-s-e/


I just took more photos of my statues...



My main fear about selling is that the statues are a bit tacky&kitsch and clearly not made of metal/ bronze :), so I don't have the faintest clue how much money to ask for one. Secondly, although I use high quality materials and really good varnish, I'm not sure I can guarantee that my pieces won't fade/ fall apart in a few years... Any advice about that? 


Many thanks again,




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I totally agree with Eileen....they are beautiful and so original...if you can find a small Craft Fayre in the spring time or even perhaps a small shop who would display them for you. You could give them a commission (money) if they sell any for you..

I think they are brilliant.....keep making them.....if you know someone who makes boxes, they would look good in a presentation box.....fabulous.

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