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Hot Water bottle cover pattern

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I am knitting a hot water bottle cover however I cannot get my head round the pattern at all and was wondering if someone could help me 001_smile.gif I have attached the pattern referred to make it a little easier. There are four colours used in total. 

So the instructions are:-

Follow the chart and work in st st, foll upside down chart and joining yarn as necessary.
Next row: with RS facing and beg with row 42 of chart, k11D, k9C, k3A, K11B. Cont until row 1 of the chart has been completed. Place marker at each end of last row to indicate lower edge.

Turn chart the right way up and foll from row 1 to row 82 (inclusive). Place marker at each end of last row to indicate where to fold for top.

Upper back
Turn chart upside down and foll from and including row 82 until row 51 has been completed still working in st st. Change to 4.5mm needles.

I can't seem to upload the picture of the pattern to this post so I've uploaded it on Imgur http://imgur.com/ViiNzrv

I understand what to do (I think!) but have never knitted from a chart before, so would row 1 be right at the bottom? So when starting from row 42 to 1 I would basically start halfway then go to the bottom of the cover?


Also it does not explain how I do the neck! Do I just inc and dec stitches going by the chart?


Thank you SOOOO much!


EDITED: Spelling!

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Sorry but charts defeat me and I really couldn't be bothered with the hassle.  No enjoyment in that.  I'm sure someone on here who is more accomplished than me will be able to help you though.  Good luck and welcome to our friendly forum btw :)

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When you are on knitting( RS facing) you follow odd number rows from right to left. On purl rows follow chart from left to right even numbers. Row 1 being at the bottom when pattern is right way up.


I would photocopy pattern then you can write row numbers on - odd number rows on right side of pattern and even numbers on left side.


I think this is going to be like a cushion - a full front and two half backs that meet. This is where hot water bottle would be put inside. A bit like this



You start at row 42 - with pattern upside down - working to row 1 (half a back).


Then turn pattern right way up and work rows 1-82 (front)


Turn pattern upside down again  and work rows 82 to 51 (upper back).


If there are no instructions for how to do neck then yes I would increase/ decrease going by chart but do remember the shaping on the front will have to be done on upper back to get right number of sts.


Hope this helps

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I will do!

But have encountered another problem, I did as suggested and photocopied the picture so I could out what rows are where and how many stitches, etc. but I noticed it only goes up to 79 and not 82 so I do not know how to get the other four stitches! Any advice?

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